Lots of red white and blue on display

Having soloed to victory at the British national championships, it’s only fitting that Connor Swift should get a custom painted Genesis Zero SL bike from his Madison-Genesis team sponsors, ready for him to ride at the Tour of Britain when it starts this Sunday.

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As you’d expect, the bike gets the red, white and blue treatment. But rather than just stripes – although there are a few sets of those dotted around the top tube, down tube and fork – the bike gets a more Jackson Pollock treatment.

Rear of Swift’s frame gets the Jackson Pollock treatment

Above and forward of the red white and blue bands on the top tube, down tube and fork, the frame is pristine white. But below this midline, there are abstract expressionist streams and splashes of blue and red paint, that someone obviously had a lot of fun applying to the frame.

There are other less obvious touches of personalisation to the bike. These include a red white and blue roundel and 01.07.2018 – the date of Swift’s victory – on the front end of the top tube. At the other end of the top tube, “Swifty” is etched out in gold lettering.

Words of encouragement on Swift’s bike for the Tour of Britain

The down tube has a Yorkshire rose at its base, while the head cap gets more of the Jackson Pollock treatment and the slammed white stem bears the motto “Believe and you can achieve”.

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No subcompact groupsets here

Swift’s bike comes decked out in the finest Dura-Ace Di2 with Dura-Ace wheels. As befits a fast man, there’s a 54/42 chainset fitted to the Dura-Ace power meter chainset.