Orro bikes launched

New British road bike brand launched by i-Ride Bikes

If your mates tell you that they’d already heard of Orro bikes, you’ll know that they’re telling porky pies, as it’s a completely new brand — not just new to the UK, totally brand new.

Yet Orro is not an unknown quantity, as it’s the own-brand offering from i-Ride Bikes, which is based near Ditchling Beacon in Sussex. In fact, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have seen the name before, as they are the distributor for brands such as 3T, De Rosa and Fulcrum. Which means the firm not only has a good understanding of what works well in the UK but also good access to stock, as it supplies most of the components for this bike, too.

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For the first season, Orro bikes will be a lean range with two models of frame and two build kits on each frame — four bikes in total because there’s nothing like keeping it simple to start with.

The top frame is the Gold, which is built with general road riding in mind. This may sound a little un-sexy but, equally, isn’t this what most of us do on the majority of our rides? And that’s kind of the point about the brand: it’s good quality for everyday riders.

With a blend of carbon-fibres going into the frame, it has plenty of up-to-date technology in the form of press-fit BB30 bottom bracket and 1 1/2in-lower headset race. Both Gold models will feature Ultegra 11-speed in either mechanical form for £1,999.99 or digital for £2,599.99.

Alternatively you could choose the Oxygen, which also blends three versions of carbon-fibre but with a greater degree of comfort being the aim — so you’ll also be able to fit tyres up to 28mm. Like its big brother the Gold, the Oxygen has two Shimano build options to choose from: Shimano 105 with Fulcrum’s venerable Racing Sport wheels for £1,299.99 or for an extra £100, the same bike will come with 3T Accelero 40 Pro wheels.

Either bike, Gold or Oxygen comes in five sizing options, extra small 50-51, small 52-53, medium 54-55, large 56-57 or extra large 58-59 and are designed, specced and put together in the UK.

Contact: www.orrobikes.com



i-Ride 2848 for white only
Oxygen Shimano 105, Fulcrum Racing Sport £1,299.99

Email Version GoldGold Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870, £2,599.99

Email Version OxygenOxygen Shimano 105, 3T Accelero 40 Pro £1,399.99