Science in Sport launches new energy and electrolyte gel

Science in Sport add an energy and electrolyte gel to their range in raspberry and lemon + mint flavour

Just when you thought the energy gel market couldn't get any more flavours, the good people at Science in Sport have thrown two more at us in their new energy + electrolyte range.

As well as a more traditional raspberry flavour, SiS have created a slightly more extravagant lemon and mint concoction for us, which will certainly be interesting to taste.

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Not only are they new flavours, the energy + electrolyte range sits alongside SiS's established isotonic and caffeine products. The new gels will not only replenish the vitamins lost through sweat, they'll also pack a decent dose of carbohydrates to keep you going for longer.

Luke Heeney, new product director at Science in Sport said: “We are passionate about innovation and are delighted to present our latest energy gel. We created the world’s first isotonic energy gel and we’re delighted to carry on this innovation with our new energy plus electrolyte gel.”

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According to SiS, each gel will contain 22g of carbohydrates, 118mg of sodium, 9.5mg of potassium and 1.5mg of magnesium. Each gel will cost £1.50 and are available to purchase on

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