Tech of the Week: Goodyear rubber and tech questions galore

What's new in the world of cycling tech over the last seven days

It's been a week for delving a little deeper into some of the tech questions you have been curious about. We've spent a huge amount of time talking about all things gravel, from gearing through to if you actually 'need' a gravel bike. And of course there's been some key products released thanks to tyre experts Goodyear.

Goodyear expands its range

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

(Image credit: Goodyear)

Iconic tyre brand Goodyear entered into the modern road tyre bunfight around three years ago with its Eagle F1 race tyre but since then the brand has been pushing production of an entire range of tyres and now has included a new tubeless tyre option that promises to be easy to seat even with a hand pump. To top it off it's also brought out a tanwall version of the Eagle F1.

We have the full lowdown of the latest range in this feature.

Strava releases improved Goals feature

(Image credit: Daniel Gould)

Strava has now released an updated and improved Goals feature, to help you keep track of your cycling targets. The social media app for athletes says the feature is one of the most popular features included in the subscription, as it allows cyclists and runners to set and track various goals. Want to see how it works?

What are the best upgrades for your gravel bike?

Best gravel upgrades

(Image credit: Kevin Fickling)

Upgrades are always a winner and it's amazingly easy to justify anything that might promise to improve your ride. Gravel bikes are certainly not immune to a generous smattering of customisation but which upgrades are actually worth the investment? After extensive experience we've narrowed down the actual kit that will make a difference for your gravel bike.

Gravel bike gearing: should you run 1X or 2X?

With many gravel bikes coming with either option, is one better than the other? Or does it depend upon you and where you ride? Luke Friend takes us through the differences and helps you choose.

Should your next bike be a gravel bike?

Should I buy a gravel bike?

(Image credit: Katherine Moore)

And of course, the million pound question - should you actually buy a gravel bike? Whilst there's no getting away from the gravel phenomena, is it right for you? We have this handy guide to take you through what gravel riding is exactly and what to look out for if you are keen to get in on the act.

Tubeless sealant, what it is and how to use it

Another tech area that always seems to feel a bit of a mystery is the murky world of tubeless tyres and, in this instance, tubeless tyre sealant. The good news is it's actually not really a mystery and with a few simple tips is incredibly user friendly. We've produced this info packed feature to help you choose the right gunk.

That's all for now, check back next week for another tech round-up.

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