Torq bars are now 100% organic and vegan

Plus new flavours, drinks and flapjack added to the performance nutrition range.

TORQ Energy Bars
(Image credit: TORQ)

Energy product brand Torq has announced that all of its energy bars are now certified Organic, as well as Vegan.

The brand, which has a UK HQ in Wales, say that the change to using organic fruit also adds greater softness to the bars, making them even easier to consume, especially in colder weather, while also enhancing the flavours.

Alongside the existing Juicy Mango, the new recipe Torq Energy bar is available in three new flavours: Zesty Orange, Zingy Apple and Sundried Banana.

Torq has also changed the bar wrapper to matt finished packaging, which has been designed specifically to be easier to grip with sweaty hands, and cost £1.95 per 45g bar.

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The brand has also launched a new Performance Electrolyte drink, Torq Hydration. The brand says the new hypotonic solution allows your body to rehydrate much faster than solely using water or electrolyte tablet due to small amount of carbohydrate being included in each sachet, alongside five electrolytes.

TORQ Hydration

(Image credit: TORQ)

Technically a re-brand of its Hypotonic formula, the brand says this drink is ideal for HIIT, or indoor training where you loose excessive amount of sweat.

This is thanks to a combination of  glucose and sodium components, known as 'facilitated transport', to help drive additional fluid in to the bloodstream (260 water molecules for every 1 glucose & 2 sodium molecules). Working in conjunction with the natural absorption rate, 'passive transport', the accelerated delivery mechanism can replace fluid and electrolytes quicker, for optimal performance.

With a choice of 3 mild flavours of Tangerine, Lemon or Watermelon, Torq’s Hydration is  also vegan, and available in  either 10-sachet pouches for £9.99 (making 10 x 500ml bottles), or in a 540g pouch for £19.99, ( 30 x 500ml bottles). Alternatively, Torq Hydration Starter Pack for £7.99 includes two sachets of each flavour and a 500ml bottle.

(Image credit: TORQ)

Also newly released are two new flavours to the brands Explore flapjack range. Launched last year, the organic, vegan and nut-free low fat flapjacks are now available in Banana Cake and Bakewell Slice flavours, along with the original Apple Strudel and Carrot Cake flavours. Each bar costs £1.65 and are available now. either directly from the the TORQ website or independent retailers.

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