Not only do track mitts provide you with a little comfort from the endless hours of mile eating, they also protect your palms should you be unfortunate enough to crash.

The two main factors that we have considered are comfort and durability. Either one on its own doesn?t mean that a set of gloves will be any good, but combine them and you?ll have a pair of mitts that give many miles of palm-saving comfort.

Leading our choices is the Specialized Body Geometry gel glove. It ticks all the boxes as far as we?re concerned. Unobtrusive Velcro closure, towelling panel on the thumb and road shock absorbing gel make these the most comfortable on test. They have seen a season of use and are still going strong, so it?s top marks.

The Gore Retro Tech glove looked particularly Rapha-esque and was probably the classiest looking of the offerings we tested, providing a little less palm padding than the others. Fit was good and they have handy tabs to ease removal.

Despite offering a great fit with adequate padding and towelling panel, the palm pad stitching on the Castelli Rosso Corsa failed after only a couple of months? use. Easily repairable, but inexcusable given the care they?ve had.

Castelli Rosso Corsa £33.00

Contact: Saddleback 01454 299965

Specialized BG gel mitts £24.99

Contact: Specialized 020 8391 3500

Gore Bike Wear Retro gloves £29.99

Contact: Gore 0800 833357