25-mile TT in 43 minutes: Strava reveals the amazing stats behind Marcin Bialoblocki's disqualified ride

Just steadily tapping out 425 watts

Marcin Bialoblocki posted his 43-minute 25-mile time trial on Strava

(Image credit: Sunada/Strava)

It may not have counted as a competition record, but Marcin Bialoblocki's 43-minute 25-mile time trial was an astonishing ride nonetheless, and has been preserved for posterity on Strava.

Perfectly titled "25 TT 🚄👌🏼", the data gives an insight at the huge effort required to set such a fast time, even if Bialoblocki has been disqualified for riding in the middle of the dual carriageway.

A tall, powerful rider, Bialoblocki averaged 415 watts for the 43-minute effort, a figure which includes nearly a minute of free-wheeling down a descent early on the course.

Unsurprisingly Bialoblocki's biggest power figure came as he accelerated away from the line, hitting 729 watts. Shortly after he hit his highest speed of the race as he went down the course's one descent, reaching a maximum speed of 81.7kmh (50.7mph).

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From there Bialoblocki settled into his rhythm, tapping along at around 425 watts, with just a few peaks and troughs as he went in and out of roundabouts.

The Pole kept this effort steady until the final two kilometres where he really emptied the tank, averaging 500 watts for the final two kilometres and more than 600 watts for the final 30 seconds.

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This effort might not have been rewarded with a competition record, but thankfully for Bialoblocki, CTT doesn't hold sway over Strava, meaning that his six KOMs and five top 10s will still stand.

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