Tour de Yorkshire stage timings and where to watch

We run through the Yorkshire hot spots where you'll get the best views of the 2018 edition of the Tour de Yorkshire and the times the riders will be passing through

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The Yorkshire landscape has been a regular fixture of the professional bike racing calendar after the huge success of the Tour de France Grand Départ back in 2014 and subsequent races in recent years.

After the successes of previous years, the pro peloton will be back on the roads of the Tour de Yorkshire once again as God’s own country welcomes both the men and women from May 3-6.

There will be plenty of chances to watch your heroes pass, and we've got the lowdown of all the best spots and what times the peloton will be passing.

The women's race takes place over two days from May 3-4, with the men's taking place over four days from May 3-6.

Please note that stage timings are approximate, based on average speed of race.

>>> Tour de Yorkshire 2018 route

Stage one, Thursday May 3

Beverley to Doncaster, 182km (women: 132.5km)

Tour de Yorkshire 2018, stage one

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ETA (kph)Women (40)W(36)Men (44)M(40)
Start — Beverley08:4008:4013:5013:50
KOM — Côte de Baggaby Hill09:5009:5616:0216:14
Sprint — Pocklington09:5410:0116:0616:18
Feed zone — Holme on Spalding Moor10:2810:3916:3716:52
Sprint — Howden10:4410:5616:5117:08
Finish — Doncaster12:0812:3018:0818:33

Our pick of where to watch

With an almost inevitable sprint finish in store, heading out to the only notable and categorised climb on the course will give you a clearer look at the riders in action. Côte de Baggaby Hill allows you this opportunity and means you can also drive to the finish in Doncaster with just under 100 kilometres to go in both races after the ascent.

Stage two, Friday May 4

Barnsley to Ilkley, 149km (women: 124km)

Tour de Yorkshire 2018, stage two

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ETA (kph)Women (39)W(35)Men (45)M(41)
Start — Barnsley09:0009:0014:2014:20
KOM — Côte de Blacker Hill09:1709:1815:0815:12
Sprint — Swinton09:3609:4015:2515:30
Feed Zone — Castleford10:4811:0016:2816:39
Sprint — Scholes11:1211:2716:4917:02
KOM — Côte de Old Pool Bank11:5512:1417:2517:42
Finish/KOM — Ilkley (Cow and Calf)12:2112:4417:4818:07

Our pick of where to watch

With the first ever summit finish in the race’s history, the Cow and Calf will be a must-watch place to catch the action as both the women’s and men’s races crest the 2.5km kicker to finish the stage. A 15 per cent section 500 metres before the finish line will be pivotal in deciding both stages.

Stage three, Saturday May 5

Richmond to Scarborough, 184km

Tour de Yorkshire 2018, stage three

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ETA (kph)44kph40kph
Start — Richmond13:1013:10
Sprint — Morton-on-Swale14:1114:17
KOM — Côte de Sutton Bank14:5014:59
Feed Zone — Kirkbymoorside15:1915:30
Sprint — Pickering15:3515:49
KOM — Côte de Silpho16:1616:34
Finish — Scarborough17:2617:51

Our pick of where to watch

The Côte de Silpho will decide who wears the King of the Mountains jersey into the brutal stage four. The eight per cent, one-and-a-half kilometre climb hits the peloton just 50 kilometres from the finish line. However, thanks to the looped finish of the stage you can catch the riders ascending the climb before following the race down the 10-kilometre descent into Scarborough for the finish on the sea front.

Stage four, Sunday May 6

Halifax to Leeds, 189.5km

Tour de Yorkshire 2018, stage four

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 ETA (kph)
Start – Halifax12:1012:10
KOM – Côte de Hebden Bridge12:4312:46
KOM – Côte de Goose Eye13:0513:10
KOM – Côte de Barden Moor13:3113:39
KOM – Kilnsey13:5814:09
KOM – Côte de Park Rash14:1214:24
Feed Zone – Middleham14:3914:54
KOM – Côte de Greenhow Hill15:4116:03
KOM – Côte de Otley Chevin16:2116:47
KOM – Arthington16:3317:00
Finish – Leeds16:5717:27

Our pick of where to watch

Park Rash may well be the place to see the pros gurning as they struggle and grind their way up the most brutal climb on the stage. But in terms of where the race could be decided, Greenhow Hill will play a pivotal role in not only stage four but also deciding who will be the overall winner.

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