Where to watch the 2018 Tour de France live on television - Eurosport and ITV4 schedules

The 2018 Tour de France takes place over July 7-29 and there will be daily coverage as well as highlights. Eurosport and ITV will be broadcasting live coverage of each stage, in addition to analysis and highlights programmes.

Live coverage can be found on Eurosport 1 and ITV4 on every day of the race (apart from the final day which will be on Eurosport 1 and ITV 1), with start-to-finish coverage of every day generally starting at around midday.

For those not willing watch every minute of the 3,329km race, make sure you’re around for the sharp end of stages, with most stages finishing at around 5pm. However don’t get caught out on stages eight and nine, which will finish at around 3pm in order not to clash with third place play-off and final of the football World Cup.

There will also be highlights programmes going out each evening on both Eurosport and ITV4.

You can also catch the racing on fuboTV – there’s a free trial and you can connect on any device. 

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The 2018 Tour starts on Saturday, July 7 with the Grand Départ in the Vendée region in the west of France – there will be two flat sprinters’ stages before a 35km team time trial on stage three.

From there, the days become more lumpy, with stages in Brittany, before the route tackles the cobbles ahead of a finish in Roubaix followed by mountainous stages in the Alps and Pyrénées.

>> Tour de France 2018 route

Tour de France 2018 TV Guide

Stage Date Coverage 
1 Saturday, July 7 ITV4: 9.30am- 3.15pm
Eurosport 1: 9.30am- 3.15pm
2 Sunday, July 8 ITV4: 12pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1:  12pm- 5pm
3 Monday, July 9 ITV4: 1.45pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1:  2pm- 5pm
4 Tuesday, July 10 ITV4: 12pm- 5.15pm
Eurosport 1:  11.45am- 5.15pm
5 Wednesday, July 11 ITV4: 11.15am- 5pm
Eurosport 1:  11am- 5pm
6 Thursday, July 12 ITV4: 12pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 12pm- 5pm
7 Friday, July 13 ITV4: 11am- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 11am- 5pm
8 Saturday, July 14 ITV4: 10.30am- 3pm
Eurosport 1: 10.30am- 3pm
9 Sunday, July 15 ITV4: 11.30am- 3pm
Eurosport 1: 11.30am- 3pm
Rest Day Monday, July 16
10 Tuesday, July 17 ITV4: 9.30am- 5.30pm
Eurosport 1: 9.30am- 5.30pm
11 Wednesday, July 18 ITV4: 12.45pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 12.45pm- 5pm
12 Thursday, July 19 ITV4: 11am- 5.15pm
Eurosport 1: 11am- 5.15pm
13 Friday, July 20 ITV4: 12.30pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 12.30pm- 5pm
14 Saturday, July 21 ITV4: 12pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 12pm- 5pm
15 Sunday, July 22 ITV4: 12pm- 5.15pm
Eurosport 1: 12pm- 5.15pm
Rest Day Monday, July 23
16 Tuesday, July 24 ITV4: 10.15am- 5pm
Eurosport 1:  10.15am- 5pm
17 Wednesday, July 25 ITV4: 2pm- 5pm
Eurosport 1: 2pm- 5pm
18 Thursday, July 26 ITV4: 12.45pm- 5.15pm
Eurosport 1: 12.45pm- 5.15pm
19 Friday, July 27 ITV4: 11am- 5.15pm
Eurosport 1: 11am- 5.15pm
20 Saturday, July 28 ITV4: 10.45am- 4.45pm
Eurosport 1: 10.45am- 4.45pm
21 Sunday, July 29 ITV: 3.30pm- 7pm
Eurosport 1: 3.30pm- 7pm