Transport for London video highlights blind spot

An eye-opening video posted on YouTube by Transport for London (TfL) highlights the ineffectiveness of standard wing mirrors on lorries in certain situations.

The video (below) starts from the drivers point of view, looking in to the passenger side wing mirrors, in which nothing and no one is visible.

The camera is then taken out of the lorry’s cab and walked around to the side where around a dozen cyclists are stood straddling their bikes.

TfL have for years been highlighting the dangers posed to cyclists by riding up the inside of lorries, or large goods vehicles (LGVs), taking training rigs to cycle shows where riders are invited to sit in the cab and see the blind spot for themselves.

The training rigs have also been taken out on the streets where commuting cyclists are invited in to the cab to see for themselves what lorry drivers can and can’t see. Most LGVs built post January 2007 are fitted with improved mirror systems, while LGVs registered from January 2000 now have to be retrofitted with mirrors to come in line with the relevant European Directive that has been incorporated in to GB legislation.

One comment posted below the video pointed out that it was an unfair example as the lorries cab was at an angle to the rig. However, this is a position regularly adopted by drivers when waiting to pull on to a roundabout or when turning left.