Tweets of the Week: The EF sock debate continues, and Tadej Pogačar pops a wheelie

Remco does yoga, and there's WVA/MVDP content from the cyclo-cross worlds

Tweets of the Week
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The biggest issue in cycling this year isn't who is the fastest, or who should be picked for each race, or even something more nefarious like doping. It's all about EF Education-EasyPost's socks, and which foot they should be on.

It's very exciting, you see: one is a slightly brighter shade of pink than the other, and it corresponds slightly with the shades of pink on the jersey, or is supposed to, anyway. There is a whole Twitter account just for this problem: 'Are EF's socks on right?'. It is not just the men's squad that is affected by the dilemma, EF Education-Tibco-SVB is similarly in a quandry.

According to the internet, the ideal is "light left and bright right", something which has been a key factory on show in the races that EF has won this years to date.

It has evolved to become more than a meme, with EF even publishing a blog post about it, in which they quote Rapha kit designer Santi Roig Dinarès: "For us, the design journey doesn’t stop once the kit has been produced. We want both riders and fans to interpret the kit in their own way and bring a little personal style to the bike. We want to give people the chance to express themselves in how they dress, all through a pair of socks.”

Well, there we go. It doesn't matter, or does it? It's a bit of fun on social media.

Also this week, we see one of the final photos of Soudal Quick-Step having a pillow fight, Tadej Pogačar and Michael Matthews wheelie, and Wout van Aert is in a reflective mood.

1. The EF sock check Twitter account is apparently out of a job now we know that there isn't a proper way to wear the socks; I think there might be life in it yet

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2. The socks being on the 'wrong way round' did actually appear to impact Neilson Powless's form

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3. Wout van Aert lost to Mathieu van der Poel once more at the cyclo-cross World Championships last week. It seems he's in a strange relationship with the sport

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4. It's nice that two of the biggest bike riders in the world are friends. I wonder if Pogačar had a photo lined up had Van Aert won, not Van der Poel

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5. Speaking of Tadej Pogačar, here's the Slovenian with his best mate Michael Matthews, popping wheelies. Cute

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6. Back to cyclo-cross, and Van der Poel's mum couldn't even bear to watch her son battle it out

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7. 11 years might have passed, but WVA and MVDP remain the two biggest stars in the discipline. This is amazing

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8. The Dutch win so much in women's cycling that maybe it's time for the rest of the sport to secede 

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9. Remco is one of the best cyclists in the world right now, but I bet he wishes he could be one of the best at football too. I can see it

10. Sam Bewley has a Buff which makes him look like everyone's favourite smiley Colombian cyclist, which is great

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11. I'm not going to say Maria Martins needs better role models, but steer clear of Cristiano Ronaldo, come on 

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12. Why bother screening the women's UAE Tour when you could just show camel racing instead? Lorena Wiebes will probably find a way to win still

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13. Finally, it looks like it's the end of the road for Soudal Quick-Step's pillow photoshoots, so make sure you make the most of Remco Evenepoel using a mattress in a strange way now

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