New CBD drink said to reduce performance anxiety and inflammation while improving VO2

Twisted Spoke claims its nanotechnology helps the body absorb the CBD isolate faster than any other product on the CBD market.

A black 20-ounce water bottle sits on the left and to its right is a 2500mg turquoise and brown container of CBD powder. Both sit atop a mottled stone counter. In the background, there is a blurry bag of drink mix and a bowl of pomegranates.
(Image credit: Twisted Spoke CBD)

Twisted Spoke CBD today released its new “CBD HydroMix” performance drink mix powdered additive, claiming this fast-acting CBD can reduce inflammation and performance anxiety and while improving an athlete's VO2.

The HydroMix is the latest addition to Twisted Spoke’s lineup of other CBD-infused products such as endurance chews, coffee and topical tinctures. 

The brand’s HydroMix does not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that can make those who consume it 'high'. The CBD isolate used by Twisted Spoke in its CBD HydroMix leverages its “nanotechnology” to enable the CBD to be absorbed by the body faster and more completely than other CBD products.

A turquoise and bronze 2500mg cylinder of CBD powder lays on its side atop a mottled tan and black stone countertop.

(Image credit: Twisted Spoke CBD)

Twisted Spoke claims that its fast-acting CBD can reduce inflammation, performance anxiety and result in improved VO2. This statement comes as a result of a recent, small March 2022 study that dove into the effects of 300mg of CBD on the performance of nine endurance athletes. It’s important to note that the study was sponsored in part by the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics, but this does not mean the results are invalid or skewed. 

The study involved a double-blind trial in which the nine male athletes ran for an hour at 70% of their max VO2 level, followed by an intense run effort to exhaustion. One group consumed 300mg of CBD orally 90 minutes prior to starting the first run and the other consumed a placebo also 90 minutes prior to beginning their exercise. 

The athletes who consumed 300mg of CBD prior to beginning their pair of runs showed improved VO2, pleasure ratings and reduced blood lactate during the hour long run at VO2 and improved VO2 and breathing in the run effort to exhaustion in comparison with those who took the placebo. 

It is important to note that the study states that the “changes were small, making it difficult to reliably evaluate the effect of CBD, where an effect appeared to be present.”

However, small changes are still changes, and each body reacts differently to various inputs and stimuli such as CBD and exercise. Research such as the 2022 study also highlight the evolving idea that CBD doses from 100 to just above 1,000mg day are safe for consumption, challenging past ideas that only small doses should be consumed.

Five line graphs with two test groups per graphdepicting varying results from a scientific study.

A handful of graphs from the March 2022 study.

(Image credit: National Library of Medicine)

Each scoop of Twisted Spoke CBD HydroMix is 50mg of CBD and each container holds 2500mg of CBD. Twisted Spoke recommends a daily intake of one-to-two scoops of CBD HydroMix and three-to-six scoops of CBD Hydromix before racing or training.

The cost breakdown for the HydroMix equates to about one U.S. dollar per 50mg of CBD or $50 for a 2500mg container of HydroMix. 

“Most people are using suboptimal amounts of CBD due to a combination of a lack of information about effective dosing and the high costs of products from many CBD companies,” says Twisted Spoke CBD co-founder Wen Dolphin. “Twisted Spoke provides considerably more CBD at any price point than competitors. We want everyone to experience the benefits of using CBD at effective doses.”  

Twisted Spoke CBD HydroMix has a neutral flavor and promises to mix easily with sports drinks, plain water, smoothies, soup, and more. It is also free of common allergens, vegan and GMP- Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). 

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