Watch Danny MacAskill's gravity-defying skills in new video with an important message

The pro trials cyclist completed a challenge that had never been done before, ahead of Cop26

Pro trials rider Danny MacAskill has cycled across the blade of a wind turbine in his latest stunt, this time to raise awareness for climate change.

The Scot completed the stunt ahead of the UN climate change conference Cop26, taking place in Scotland later this month, posting the 'Climate Games' video to YouTube. He is working with YouTube Originals as both parties strive for a more sustainable future. They are supporting non-profit organisations Count Us In and Re:wild, with the video also acting as a fundraiser.

Cycling across the blade of a wind turbine has never been attempted before, but that didn't faze MacAskill.

“It’s so high up it doesn’t feel high, it’s unrealistically high up,” MacAskill said in the video. “I will say that fibreglass and bike tyres don’t go that well together, it’s slippery stuff.

“I made this film for Cop26 and I didn’t realise how abundant renewable energy is. It’s a good feeling knowing renewable energy is taking off and the balance is changing.

“Hopefully the planet can start healing.”

MacAskill admitted that he had wanted to ride along the blade of a wind turbine for some time now, and felt that the 'Climate Games' video was the best opportunity to do so. The wind turbine is 80 metres or so tall, though he was secured with ropes and hooks for safety. 

He also showcased a series of tricks at a renewable energy factory to further highlight the importance of creating a sustainable future.

This is just another stunt in a long-list of crazy challenges that MacAskill has attempted over the years. Now world-renowned, the trials rider has previously performed a five metre loop on the River Thames, taken to some treacherous rooftops in Spain, and completed tricks with a children's trailer attached to his bike, among many of his stunts.

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Cop26 begins on October 31, with the UK hosting the event at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. Consequently, using native Scotsman MacAskill for the stunt further raises awareness to the 26th edition of the UN event. 

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