How to skew aero claims, by an aerodynamicist

Products (like articles) need a snappy headline - but marketing claims do need to stand up to scrutiny

test in progress sign outside windtunnel
Supporting products with wind tunnel claims is always going to open a brand up to scruitiny - transparency is key
(Image credit: Future)

‘It does what it says on the tin’ worked for Ronseal, but if you’re not selling wood stain, a little extra creativity goes a long way. ‘Rotates to aid forward propulsion’ won’t sell many wheels, and ‘forms hanger for components’ isn’t a strapline likely to see frames marching out the door.

Marketing is essential if a brand intends to differentiate itself from its competitors, but where there’s a claim there should always be substantial evidence to support it. 

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Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan the Editor of Cycling Weekly website. An NCTJ qualified traditional journalist by trade, Michelle began her career working for local newspapers. She's worked within the cycling industry since 2012, and joined the Cycling Weekly team in 2017, having previously been Editor at Total Women's Cycling. Prior to welcoming her daughter in 2022, Michelle raced on the road, track, and in time trials, and still rides as much as she can - albeit a fair proportion indoors, for now.