Is this the world’s cleanest gravel bike? Vielo’s Race Edition V+1 goes wireless only and 1x specific

Is it all that's needed or option limiting?

Vielo Race Edition V+1
(Image credit: Vielo)

British “Indy-Boutique” bike brand, Vielo, is claiming the title of world’s first “wireless only, 1x only gravel bike” with its Race Edition V+1 frameset. It’s an uncompromising construction which Vielo is billing as “the cleanest and fastest gravel bike we’ve ever made.”

The Race Edition V+1 frameset is essentially the same as the brand’s lightweight V+1 Alto frameset (claimed to weigh just 880g), but now without any cable ports for a rear mech and therefore requiring no blanking plugs or stickers. 

Vielo’s founder, Ian Hughes said: “The V+1 Race Edition follows the same design ethos as the R+1 Alto road bike. If you’re going to build it with a wireless groupset, then why not make the frame exclusively wireless? “

Vielo Race Edition V+1

(Image credit: Vielo)

Regarding the 1x specific aspect of the frame, this has enabled Vielo to use symmetrical chainstays, which are claimed to provide greater strength with less weight than the asymmetric designs other brands opt for, as they try to accommodate both a 2x crankset and wider rubber.

The clearance of the V+1 Alto and Race Edition V+1 is up to a generous 50mm in 700c, so very much on the wider end of gravel bikes, but with the consequence that there isn’t room for a double crankset. 

Or, to look at it another way, if you’re going to be riding your bike set up 1x, why put up with compromises made for 2x drivetrains? It’s a very interesting design and there’s a whole host of neat extra features. I had a chance to ride one at Sea Otter Europe last year and wrote a first ride review here.

Although the Race Edition V+1 frames are only wireless groupset specific, for the time being that does effectively equates to just SRAM AXS specific. As such, only three builds are on offer:

     • SRAM Red XPLR at £9,999 / $13,000

     • SRAM Force XPLR at £7,499 / $9,170

     • SRAM Rival XPLR at £5,899 / $7,890

The bikes are available to pre order now and first delivery is expected in early May 2022. More information can be found on the Vielo's website here.

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