Pipe-hiding bar ends and a psychedelic Klunker bike: State Bicycle Co. launches 420 Collection

Weed day made colorful with State Bicycle's 420 edition Klunker bike, apparel and "special" bar ends

State Bicycle Co. 420 collection
(Image credit: State Bicycle Co.)

State Bicycle Co. celebrates 420 Day a.k.a Weed Day with the launch of their new 420 Collection, complete with a psychedelic Klunker-style bike, marijuana leaf embossed grips and pipe-hiding bar ends.

Rooted in fixed gear and city culture, the Arizona-based brand has put forth some unique products over the years, including collaborations with the Grateful Dead, Wu-Tang Clan, the Simpsons, Ozzy Osbourne, NASA, and the US National Parks Foundation.

The brand, known for their affordable urban bikes, has been delivering a self-proclaimed "sense of fun" since 2009, and their annual 420 products are certainly an interpretation thereof. 

In the US, marijuana is now legal for recreational consumption in 18 states, but the origins of the April 20th celebration dates back to the days when marijuana was still an illegal drug. It was the 1970s and a group of Californian high schoolers routinely smoked marijuana at 4:20 p.m. The ritual caught on and the code word "420" was coined to allow the teenagers to talk freely about smoking marijuana.  With the month preceding the day in the American calendar format, April 20th, or 4/20 soon became a day of celebration in the same way people celebrate Pi day on March 14th or 3/14.

Every year, State Bicycle Co. releases a special product run in celebration of 4/20, and this year, their green-and-purple Klunker bike takes center stage. 

Defined as a "retro-inspired, mash-up of part beach cruiser, part mountain bike, and part BMX," the Klunker is a solid steel single-speed that can take a beating, whether you're cruising around town, on the boardwalk, or even, on the trail.

Only 100 of this specific 420 edition bike were made, all with unique details in celebration of the high life. Details include shimmering green-and-purple pearl paint, a bottle opener on the seat tube, custom 420 valve caps, a custom 420 saddle and custom grips. And when they say 'custom', they mean that marijuana leaves can be found throughout — on the paint, on the valve caps and even embossed in the grips.

Keeping it simple, the bike is a coaster brake single-speed, made of solid steel, and outfitted with BMX Style stem and a 30” extra-wide V-bar with 7" rise. It comes in just one size, which is said to fit anyone between 5'5" and 6'3" (152cm - 182cm), and retails for, of course, $420 USD.

Also (re-)released for 420, are their "special" bar ends. Bar ends are becoming an increasingly effective stashing place, be it for your Di2 junction box or a tubeless plug tool. However, these $42 bar ends are designed to help you safely stash something else entirely.

Other 420 Collection paraphernalia include the aforementioned marijuana leaf-embossed bar ends, marijuana leaf bar tape and green-and-purple apparel.

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