Feats of Strength, debauchery and food poisoning: my Single Speed World Championship racing experience

‘Lest you think this race is sheer debauchery and hangovers, I assure you the racing was indeed legitimate.’

Scenes from SSCXWC Durango
(Image credit: Beth Ann Orton)

Thanks to a global pandemic, the Durango cyclocross community, rallied by race director Dylan Stucki, had two years to perfect their game for the 2022 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC). If a hard-as-nails cyclocross course, keg stand shortcuts, sketchy gap jumps, course larpers armed with pool noodles, flame throwers, string bands and all-night crowd surfing are your jam, then please do read on.

The SSCXWC requires a fine balance of partying to racing: Too much party and your racing suffers, too much racing and you’ll quickly be shooed from the course by costume-clad fans armed with megaphones and an unlimited supply of Coors Light.  As Carl Decker (not in attendance in 2022) said in a recent instagram post reminiscing about SSCXWC, “Have fun and make bad choices, everybody!”. That about sums it up. 

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Beth Ann Orton

Beth Ann Orton is a former wildland firefighter, former US Forest Ranger and current Physician's Assistant. She retired from her illustrious professional cyclocross and road cycling careers in 2020. She blames COVID. Now, she loves to ride fast with friends, ski and spend time in the mountains outside her home of Bend, Oregon. any which way she can.