Fred Wright: ‘Maybe I’ll give the bunch sprint a go in Paris’

Bahrain Victorious rider chalks up another near miss at the Tour de France

Fred Wright on the attack at the Tour de France 2022
(Image credit: Dario Belingheri / Getty)

In much of sport success lies in playing the percentages; in calculating and taking controlled risks. As cycling fans we enjoy the riders willing to take a punt on breakaway success in a large part because they seem to ignore this fact.

Their percentage chance of success is always small, the energy expended to gamble on it disproportionately large. Sure they might have even less chance by not attacking but it is a difference of fractions.

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Having trained as a journalist at Cardiff University I spent eight years working as a business journalist covering everything from social care, to construction to the legal profession and riding my bike at the weekends and evenings. When a friend told me Cycling Weekly was looking for a news editor, I didn't give myself much chance of landing the role, but I did and joined the publication in 2016. Since then I've covered Tours de France, World Championships, hour records, spring classics and races in the Middle East. On top of that, since becoming features editor in 2017 I've also been lucky enough to get myself sent to ride my bike for magazine pieces in Portugal and across the UK. They've all been fun but I have an enduring passion for covering the national track championships. It might not be the most glamorous but it's got a real community feeling to it.