Assos Zegho Exploit glasses review

Assos Zegho Exploit
Cycling Weekly Verdict

When it comes to durability I've been astounded that there isn't even a light scratch on them; they appear to be super durable. As for the cost, well, it's probably best to gloss over that one because they're not cheap, but for me it's their only downside.

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Assos glasses certainly made a splash last year when they were launched and the range has further expanded with the Exploit.

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Still with the same lightweight construction the lens really is the centrepiece. Made by Zeiss I've found nothing better. This version uses a solid brown tint, rather than a graduated version and I've got to say I prefer it.

After just a couple of minutes you quickly forget you're wearing them, they're that light and unobtrusive and I really like the lack of frame, but then that's not unique to Assos.