San Marco Regal Racing Team £125




  • Lightweight
  • Supportive


  • Lack of padding may be a shock to some

Price as reviewed:


You don’t have to be a professional racer to get the most out of this excellent saddle, but it helps.

Many in the pro peloton love it, and it’s easy to see why – the shape is just about perfect. The wide rear end is very supportive, while the nose, although not especially fancy in any respect, just seems to work.

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There’s some jazzy tech underneath too: another carbon fibre reinforced base, and ‘Xsilite’ rails, which are strong and light.



Although the saddle does well to support super-fit riders for hours on tough Grand Tour stages, the average Joe might find the lack of padding quite a shock. If you're happy with support in the form of an excellent shape and aren't looking for supple, take a look.