Stan?s NoTubes 700c tubeless system




  • Less expensive than purpose-built tubeless wheelset/rims
  • Works!


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


As regular readers will already be aware, here at CW we are fans of the Hutchinson tubeless system.

What’s always been a far harder sell, is the price of the wheels and the limited selection available – while that’s improving year-on-year, there is another way around the problem and that’s to convert a standard set of wheels, using Hutchinson Fusion 2 tubeless tyres and Stan’s Tire Sealant on traditional rim.

Normally a task for the skilled mechanic, the Stan’s NoTubes kit works a treat for road wheels. The pack includes a pint of sealant, two rim strips with built-in Presta valves plus a roll of spoke tape. Fitting to our test pair was straightforward when the instructions were fully understood and taken on board.


Once in use, though, there is no practical difference between the converted wheels and a set that are specifically designed for tubeless. They don't leak, are only slightly harder work to fit and you get all of the benefits of the lower rolling resistance, greater grip and better puncture protection.