Zipp Aero Ti QR skewers




  • Light
  • Well made


  • Quite pricey

Price as reviewed:


A good quick-release shouldn’t be tough to find but companies that either do a half-arsed job and supply a generic lump or try too hard and make an overly light, flexy item constantly surprise us.

Zipp’s new Aero version makes a good fist of it – light at 53g but not to its detriment. A simple cam knuckle with a good length of aluminium lever pivots well enough on the brass bushing.

You have the choice of a steel or titanium axle with the normally round nut given the aero treatment in a Zipp style. The prices are a little steep but then that’s not a surprise for a US company.


If you want that finishing touch then Zipp's Aero QRs are a well-crafted component, which works well and looks classy with any bike and wheel combination.


Supplier: Saddleback,