The father of Eleanor Carey, the cyclist who died after being hit by a lorry in London last Friday, has branded the London Assembly ‘disgraceful’ and ‘petty’ after a proposal on cyclist safety measures was not heard due to political in-fighting.

The London Assembly were due to discuss a motion put forward by Jenny Jones (Green Party) and seconded by Val Shawcross (Labour) to scrutinise cycling accident blackspots in the capital and propose redesigning the road infrastructure in these areas to improve safety.

However, a mass walk-out by Conservatives over Assembly seat allocations meant the session was abandoned and the proposals not debated. It’s the second time a cyclists’ safety motion has not been heard due a Tory walk-out.

Allister Carey told the BBC: “I find it very disappointing. I find it hard to understand why, if you like, rather petty political bickering should somehow stop debate on safety for cyclists taking place.”

“Stronger than that, I think it’s pretty disgraceful and those responsible should be ashamed of themselves.”

Jones was obviously disappointed that such an urgent discussion had not taken place. “I thought walking out was very childish,” Jones said. “I thought it meant that we couldn’t discuss an incredibly important topic, and I deeply regret it. I genuinely thought that they were going to stay so we could have the debate.”

Eleanor Carey, 22, died last Friday after colliding with a lorry at the junction of Abbey Street and Tower Bridge Road – a noted accident blackspot for cyclists. Carey was the 16th cyclist to be killed on London roads this year.

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  • badger

    You try to keep and open mind and not bow to stereotypes, but its hard not to.

    Is this 2011 or 1811 ?

    Just have to join the arms race and get a Range Rover

  • mike garvey

    Time everyone realised that everyone in politics at all levels are only there for the ego trip and whatever they can get out of it. Everyone else is totally irrelavent to there needs.

  • Matt Williams

    Don’t vote for them if you want safer roads.

  • Angharad

    This is party politics at its most base level, shame on them. Shouldn’t President Boris call his rabble to order and sort this out.

  • Martin Blyth

    This is going to upset people but until an MP’s family member is mown down and killed by traffic in London nothing will be done. Like all traffic blackspots they only get sorted AFTER enough people have died.

  • Ken Evans

    A Critical-Mass protest ride around City Hall,
    might help highlight these issues.

  • g gartrell

    Such childish behavour by supposedly grown up people. Reminds me of the time I worked in an old folks home where you daren’t sit in “their” seat; company car parks are the same.

  • Lance

    That’s a disgraceful abdication of their responsibilities by the assembly members. It’s been a bad year for cyclists being killed by lorries in London and they’re storming out in a huff because of seat allocations. Heartless, self-seeking [expletive deleted]s.