The future of the women’s Garmin-Cervélo team is up in the air amid news that the women’s squad’s budget has been significantly cut.

British riders Lizzie Armitstead, Emma Pooley, Lucy Martin and Sharon Laws could all potentially be left without a team, nine months away from the Olympic Games.

According to Dutch magazine Wieler Revue, the problem stems from French building supplier BigMat opting to sign with FDJ at the eleventh hour, leaving a hole in the budget. BigMat had been lined up to be a secondary sponsor at Garmin.

Incoming director sportif Egon van Kessel was recently informed there is no position for him, and riders have been given freedom to find new teams.

Pooley: “All is not well”
“We’ve been told not to speak about it, but all is not well,” Garmin captain Emma Pooley told Cycling Weekly from her winter base in Australia. “I don’t know what’s happening. Everyone’s getting a bit worried.”

“The team is a great group of people; coming this close to the Olympics, it’s more stressful than it needs to be. If these rumours are true, they should have told us about it earlier,” said Pooley.

The former world champion told Cycling Weekly there ought to be a women’s Team Sky earlier this week.

The rumours come a week after the men’s WorldTour squad had their team camp and presentation in Colorado.

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  • Philip Livingstone

    If CW were to replace their sportive coverage with womens racing you’d have no complaints from me – i’d much rather read about proper athletes than lardy boys playing at racing!
    Here’s hoping another sponsor can step in to fill the financial breach, ’cause it’s a bit late now to try to fit into new teams where leadership roles would be defined already.

  • George

    Could you report on womens cycling in the magazine more? Then these athletes will get the recognition they deserve and perhaps put womens cycling more on the map (and thus more sponsorship for teams!)

  • barry davies

    Where does all the money that cycling gets from the sports council go ???? they get millions so why cant they support the ladies team ????? do they ever produce accounts ???? so they can see where the money has gone… there seems to be confusion about monies paid to british cycling and team sky !!!

  • Al

    Yes!!! I agree… cycling partner (and girlfriend) gets really mad when all the coverage is on the men’s cycling and she loves to see Hoy (oh look at those legs) and Cav (oh…wish you could do that)

    But what she wants is to see how women compete and the times, speed they do. Plus just seeing them win! So she has something to aim for!!!!!!!

  • Ken Evans

    Sky could be a co-sponsor,
    to replace BigMat.

    Publicity and goodwill for little cost.

  • Simon E

    It doesn’t help when women’s cycling barely gets any coverage.

    Yes CW and Cycle Sport, I’m talking to you!