Spanish rider Alejandro Valverde has been given a two-year suspension by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for the use of banned blood-booster EPO.

The ban finishes on December 31, 2011, and is effective immediately.

Because it has been backdated to January 1 of this year, Valverde is therefore disqualified from all the races he has participated in this year, and must repay all any prize money won.

However, without evidence that any of the results prior to the beginning of the 2010 season were gained through doping infractions, CAS has denied the appeal of UCI and WADA that previous results be voided.

It is almost four years since the Caisse d’Epargne rider was first linked to the Operation Puerto blood doping scandal, referred to in documents as the Valv.Piti and alleged to be the owner of “blood bag 18”.

In May 2009, the Italian Olympic Comittee (CONI) banned Valverde from racing in Italy for two years, after the authorities seized blood bags and claimed to match samples taken from the 2008 Tour de France with his alleged bag from Operation Puerto.

Alejandro Valverde will lose the results he earned this year. The major results he will lose are:

1st overall, Tour of the Mediterranean

Rinaldo Nocentini finished second overall

2nd overall, Paris-Nice

3rd and 4th overall were Luis Leon Sanchez and Roman Kreuziger

Two stage wins, Tour of the Basque Country

Valverde won stage one after Oscar Freire was relegated for irregular sprinting. Le Mevel was third. On the other stage Valverde won, Freire was second

3rd Liège-Bastogne-Liège

Philippe Gilbert was fourth

Stage win, Tour of Romandy

Igor Anton was runner-up

1st Overall, Tour of Romandy

Simon Spilak was runner-up

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  • davy jones


    By silence, one is implicated. One cannot take a porion of the whole and label it (i.e. Valverde). The people I mentioned are part of the whole. Does the silence show acceptance? Why are these people not calling for other riders to be banned and getting their just rewards at last?

  • Race Pace Richard


    Who in the comemnts above is defending any of the riders you mention….er no one.

    I for one agree with you, as you will see by the comments on the Lance story.
    People here are commenting on Valverde becasue this is what this particular article concerns.

    In not “pro” any doper/cheat.

  • davy jones

    You hypocritical bunch…..and the UCi too. What about all the evidence about Armstrong (positive for Cortisone in 1999 and positive samples for EP in 1999-what more do you need-its black and white). Yet it seems cycling weekly readers live in a “Lance is great” vacum. Basso is back and so is Vino….and many more, And so is Millar….oh but I forgot, we forgive then….oh and also, Malcolm Elliot too, Sean Kelly, Fignon…….the list goes on….oh also Levi leiphiemer….positive for ephedrine in 1996….many forget about that….

    Witchhunt/mccarthyism comes to mind..

    face facts a biased view is on hand here

  • Ken Evans

    “The ban finishes on December 31, 2011, and is effective immediately.”

    So he might be able to race in the 2012 London games ?

    Maybe there should be a handicap system like in horse racing,
    where doped riders have to carry extra weights on their bikes in races,
    different weights for different drugs, and number of times caught.

  • Cavologuardi

    Let ’em return after a two year ban but under the proviso that they agree to be tested morning, noon and night every day of the year – they don’t seem to mind needles, so turn ’em into pin cushions. If they get caught cheating again Pat McQuaid can donate them to a vivisectionist.

  • FlandriaHoggy

    At bloomin’ last!!!! And why does nobody in charge (U.C.I, team owners et al..) talk in terms of a LIFETIME BAN from professional ranks of the sport anymore???!!!
    Less than two years away – where they step down to a lower division squad & are paid some funds, under the counter, no doubt – is NO DETERRENT!!!!!
    Get ’em outta our wonderful sport PRONTO!!!
    Basso would then have had to face the facts of what he’s done and send a message our to all espoirs/youths etc.. that are no doubt considering cheating to win as I write this!!
    And Vino, and Hamiliton, and quite a few others in the so-called “top 20”!!!!
    Biological passports seem a good idea to me – but banning MUST be for Lifetime, surely????!!

  • Race Pace richard

    I agree with Brian – at last.

    Two years is not enough, and it is not sufficient a deterrant, look at Vino – picking up where he left off. We dont need these people in the sport.

  • Rob

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Stephen Handley

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Bye bye.

  • Brian

    At last…