In the latest futuristic cycling innovation to come out of Australia, designer Toby King presents a helmet with a number plate as the solution to licensing cyclists.

As politicians in New South Wales, Australia, consider plans to license cyclists, an opportunistic designer has submitted his ideas for a helmet with a number plate on it.

With helmet use compulsory Down Under, Toby King’s design would double up as a cycling safety device, with a host of lights and warnings alerting the cyclist to danger.

The ‘smart hat’ includes a speaker to warn the cyclist when they are riding too close to pedestrians, as well as a visor with its own wiper and mirrors installed.

Smart Hat 3


smart hat 1


King presented his concept to Mosman Council, saying: “This is a concept for better road safety. It is not a product or a business, it is a concept design,” he said.

“There are not many features on the current helmets that makes them safe.”

It’s the latest futuristic design to come out of Australia, coming after the X-wing-style handlebars created by 4DESIGN with the help of 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans and Oakley.

Source: Telegraph (Australia)

  • Dion Risborg

    what happens when the cyclist is looking down – you won’e see it…..
    How much will they cost – I replace my helmet at least once per year…..
    Helmets are for protecting your head – THAT’S IT…..

  • Louise Venison

    So, what happens when he gets down on the drops? Looks at the road, I guess.

  • Kuerbis

    We have these in the USA already. They are called automobiles.

  • Josh Tambini

    I take it this is a joke to highlight how ludicrous an idea licence plates for bikes is!

  • Peter Craven

    I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in all my life. As always, the government tries to solve a problem from the wrong side. Educate the motorists. Only then will cyclists deaths decline.

  • bigdl47

    Life for cyclists just gets worse, coming soon UKIP adopt this lunatic idea as perfect for padding out their manifesto.

  • Clayton B

    Toby is actually 11 years old and I think he did a great job:) You wait until you see the next version with a coffee machine, cooler, fold out bed and laser ray guns in it 🙂

  • Bob_the_Bitcher

    Idiot(s)! Yeah – lets go one further and Tax people for breathing. Seriously….wtf?

  • Jon

    I’ll wear one if at the same time all car seats have devices to give drivers electric shocks to the genitals if they drive aggressively or too close to cyclists, and the passenger airbag is modified to activate if they shout abuse out of the window. The helmet would also need to have “Toby King’s an ignorant wanker” written on both sides before I’d consider it.

  • pol

    so many things wrong about this that it is impossible to know where to begin…

  • Mister Epic

    License = Gov’t money!

  • Aaron Wally Peardon

    It looks and sounds very weighty, maybe just a number plate sticker/plate you attach to the back of your helmet/hat or seat/handle bars

  • Tim Studer

    To develop a solution, first you need a problem. If you haven’t got a problem you need to invent that first.

  • Cycling Science

    The designer clearly considers cyclists to be a problem and, therefore, they should be identifiable. It appears to be a car-centric concept.