While those who commute by car or train waste an average of five days of spare time a year by leaving early, cyclists don't lose out in the long run

Commuting can be as stressful as moving house, according to figures published in the Independent, but those who cycle waste less time each week than drivers and train passengers.

The figures suggest that people using public transport or their own car will set off half an hour early each day, wasting five days of spare time a year, while cyclists lost no time in the long run.

In a survey of over 5,500 commuters from major European cities, London was found to be the toughest place to travel through, trailing only Rome, with 80 per cent of participants saying they were late to work at least once a month.

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Those commuting in London and Rome said commuting was more stressful than planning a holiday, moving house or going to the dentist.

“Pedestrian walkways, bicycles, buses, trains, vehicles, trams, shuttle buses – all of these need to be connected and integrated to optimise urban mobility in the future,” said Andreas Ostendorf, president, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering, Ford of Europe.

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  • Berlian

    Commuting in Jakarta is also a nightmare, but it was much worth than drive a car. An average speed of car driving in Jakarta is 12-15kph, and average speed of ride a bicycle is 19-23kph. I ride my bike to office everyday for 24km in around 1 hour, while driving a car normally takes more than 2 hour.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Interesting: “80 per cent of participants saying they were late to work at least once a month”. That’s not much to moan about.
    I live outside Paris, and work in Paris, 50% of my trains are cancelled causing (depending on the cause) anything between 10 minutes to one hour of delay.
    As such, only counting ‘going’ to work I get to work ‘late’ at least 10 times a month.

  • harry smith

    In order, I think the most stressful situations are fire, death of a relative, and moving.

    I guess moving a dead relative who’s on fire would be the worst.