Chris Kent took a tumble into the Trent & Mersey Canal, and his Garmin GPS tracked his damp trip


A cyclist’s tumble into a canal was tracked by his Garmin GPS computer, and the whole waterway excursion was recorded on his Strava account.

Chris Kent was out for an after-work training ride along the canal path in Stoke-on-Trent when he slipped into the water.

The recording of his unfortunate tumble was quickly picked up on social media, causing Kent to make his confession – if only to silence those who said it was just a ‘blip’ in his GPS rather than him really falling in.

“As I am the Idiot who fell into the canal on Wednesday, I can say it was bloody cold and it was 10pm after finishing work lol” said the apparently unscathed Kent via his newly-created Twitter account.

Despite the mishap, Kent’s Strava ride data shows he did 9.8 miles at an average of 12.9mph – not too shabby considering how wet he must have been at the time. Strava user Will Sneddon quipped: “Should have named this triathlon training!”

Kent is currently training for triathlon, and according to his blog he lost five stone in weight after completing 12 running races in 12 months.

  • Nat Bromhead

    Poor bugger … My back wheel locked up coming into a hairpin on a fast descent at Akuna Bay in Sydney last ride … Got home and zoomed in on Strava to actually see the exact location of the near fall! Amazing technology.

  • TheVelvetUnderpants

    That’s one KOM you can be fairly sure of keeping

  • Chris Bassist Kent

    hi yes i was cold and hammered it home to stay warm, but i wouldnt advice it on any one’s training plan not in winter anyway.

  • J1

    Clayheads, I dunno.