Two people are reported to have died as a wave destroys part of a newly-built cycle path in Rio de Janeiro

Five cyclists were reportedly sent plunging into the sea after a huge wave destroyed part of a newly-built cycle path in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Unconfirmed reports from Brazilian newspaper O Globo claim that at least two people have died after the 50m high bike path alongside Avenue Niemeyer collapsed just after 11am on Thursday morning.

O Globo says that two bodies were recovered from the sea by firefighters, but witnesses claim that five people were on the bike path at the time it collapsed.

One witness told the newspaper they saw a huge wave hit the rocky slope up from the sea to the road and bike path which came up onto the road and drenched the passengers in a passing bus.

(Photo: Facebook/Eric Poseidon)

(Photo: Facebook/Eric Poseidon)

Another witness, Ademir Guedes, said that another rider warned him of the collapsed section of the bike path.

“He warned me, but I thought he was joking. I never imagined the collapse of a newly built bike path. I went slowly to the edge of the cliff. Then the drivers started shouting me warning of the risk,” he said

The 3.9km bike path was opened in January ahead of Rio de Janeiro hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

  • Dave

    It could also have been a good opportunity to experiment with a more sustainable form of the Olympics – most sports would separately run their Olympic event in an Olympic year which would serve as their Olympic championship event, but spread all over the world and organised by the normal sporting bodies so there would not need to be a spend of tens of billions of dollars.

    Then in about September, there would be a smaller centralised Olympic event where the host city would only need to host:
    – the 100 metres (could use a temporary track anywhere, no need for a full stadium)
    – the marathon
    – 2-3 other conventional non-team Olympic sports using existing venues, which would be rotated so you might have swimming, archery and gymnastics at one, then athletics, sailing and track cycling the next time
    – one team sport (e.g. basketball, water polo etc).
    – The Olympic medal ceremonies for all the other sports, with the podium placegetters from all the other sports flown in.

    This model would allow better competitions in the smaller number of sports (e.g. a full world championship program in track cycling instead of the miniature Olympic version) and the cheaper spend would allow more participation from the ordinary public with cheaper tickets. The international medal ceremonies could be free/cheap public events with public parades, international artists performing concerts and fireworks, and there could be mass participation marathons/triathlons/rides in addition to the elite events.

  • reece46

    Should have been emergency switched back to London 2 years ago as was considered. IOC, Fifa, F1, UCI – all are more concerned with business opportunities than competence of the organiser and the fan experience.

  • eminusx

    I fear this wont be the first time we’ll hear of such tragic events this year, its widely reported that a great deal of the facilities in Rio are a complete shambles.

  • Howmanyjackos

    Very sad to hear.