Michael Boogerd is banned for two years having admitted doping throughout his career with Rabobank

Michael Boogerd, winner of the 1999 Amstel Gold Race, has been banned from cycling for two years by the UCI after admitting historical doping offences.

In an interview in 2013, the former Rabobank rider said he had used EPO, blood boosters and cortisone throughout his career between 1997 and 2007, including when he beat Lance Armstrong in the 1999 Gold Race.

The UCI, said in a statement: “Michael Boogerd has been sanctioned with a two years’ ineligibility for the anti-doping rule violations he committed during his cycling career. The ban is effective until 21 December 2017.”

Boogerd, who has been working with Team Roompot-Oranje Peloton, will not contest the suspension or the length of the ban, saying that he accepts the consequences of his mistakes.

“Because of my voluntary confession on March 6, 2013, I am bearing the responsibility and accept the consequences of decisions that I have taken in the past,” he said in a statement.

He said that he accepts the duration of his ban “because I was always alone and am ready to tell my own story and not about other riders or coaches.”

Team Roompot said: “We wish Michael and his family a lot of strength in this difficult time and hope in the future to re-use his knowledge of and love for cycling.”

  • Tim packer

    Stevo !! What’s good about it !! Are you being serious .. It’s good that he has been banned and realised he is a doper!! Please explain why this is not good news.. Or perhaps you agree with all these doping ex riders .. As for saying he wasnt named perhaps Michael boogerd is just an ” alias ” then and not his real name

  • Cliff

    That’s my point: we’re never going to sort out the drugs issue if we (including and perhaps especially the cycling press) continue to be so inconsistent with how we respond to offenders. We seem to either lionise/forgive them (Millar; Pantani; Thevenet; Simpson) or treat them as pantomime villains (Armstrong; Riis; Vinokourov), depending upon our assessment of their ‘personality’ rather than anything objective.

  • Pedal Er

    I don’t know, did Millar say that he only took drugs on one occasion? Of course Millar should not get a lifetime ban; he is British after all! You really need to get over your Millar obsession.

  • Adrian

    It does point towards something that Lance Armstrong said being true… Doping was rife in that era.
    I’m expecting that the majority of regular winners since the late 90’s will admit to it over the course of the next 10 years.

  • Gary Jogela

    This is just another reminder that peds are used in all sports.it’s a massive disappointment not knowing who can be trusted.

  • Cliff

    What counts as “serial” doping? So it’s okay to say, “I only took drugs on the one occasion when I was caught”? Do you believe it when people say that? Did Millar say that he only took drugs on one occasion?

  • Stevo

    What’s good about it? Anyway, he wasn’t “named” or “shamed”. He could have remained silent, but he chose to confess.

  • Pedal Er

    Boogerd admitted doping throughout his career in a television interview. Serial dopers should get a lifetime ban. I don’t know if Millar was a serial doper.

  • Cliff

    Would you have said the same about David Millar?

  • Pedal Er

    Should have been a ban for life. There should be no place left for him in cycling whatsoever.

  • Tim packer

    Good news!! Another ex doper named and shamed!!