Shimano on-bike cameras capture the speed of the peloton as it enters the final three kilometres of the final Tour of California stage

Bike-mounted cameras have revealed the frenetic finale within the peloton of the last stage of the 2014 Tour of California on Sunday.

The action was captured first by a Shimano Sport Camera mounted on Giant-Shimano lead-out man Koen de Kort’s saddle, where you can look back on John Degenkolb and sprint rivals Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan jostling for position.

Then the action switches to Degenkolb’s forward-facing camera for the final 150 metres as he sprints against Cavendish – with the Manxman pipping him to the line.

The footage gives an insight into the skill and nerve of sprinting with the world’s best.

  • Jim Colonna

    Cavendish! Holy smack! Sagan too.

  • Derek Green

    UCI…. please listen… this is brilliant.
    Even post race, I think this is amazing footage.
    In future (when technology/finance allows) it would be awesome to have it in real time. But for now, this is sooo exciting and makes me want to come back for more!! D :>

  • This is AMAZING. Gives a real sense of what it’s like in the bunch. i.e. bloody scary!

  • It would Lee. The trouble at the moment is transmitting those pictures in real time. The power needed to do that makes the batteries too heavy to be feasible on bikes. Hopefully one day the technology will exist to allow broadcasters to do this.

  • Amazing to watch Degenkolb move some riders aside (riders on smaller US teams) but not the likes of Cavendish or Hushovd. Demonstrates the heirarchy that exists in the bunch.

  • zach471

    Dear, God, Cavendish is fast.

  • lee

    AH YES!!! this has got to be the way forward….very much like F1!!! every rider with a camera, would add a fantastic dimension to the next stage of TV viewing and stats for the viewer.