Sir Chris Hoy says Sir Bradley Wiggins is already Britain's best ever cyclist and doesn't need to win another medal at Rio 2016 to prove it

Sir Chris Hoy is backing his fellow knight Bradley Wiggins to eclipse his record as Britain’s most decorated Olympian at the Rio Games, but insists the Tour de France winner is already the nation’s best ever cyclist.

Hoy’s two gold medals at the London Games in 2012 saw him move past Sir Steve Redgrave’s mark by taking his tally to seven across four Olympics.

While Wiggins won’t be able to match Hoy’s six gold medals in Rio, he could win his eight piece of Olympic hardware, but plays down the importance of taking the record.

“I think he plays it down, but he will take huge pride winning five gold medals and to have more total medals than anybody else,” Hoy told Press Association Sport at the launch of his new children’s book.

“He collects records left, right and centre and even without the Olympics he is the greatest cyclist Britain has ever produced.

“He does not have to win a medal to do that because no-one has done what he has done across the board – to win the Tour de France, to hold the one-hour world record, and to be a multiple world and Olympic champion across disciplines – there is no-one even close to that.

“When he puts his mind to something, you wouldn’t bet against him achieving it. I know it is a team event so he hasn’t got control of the end result but he will make it happen, no doubt about it.”

Wiggins is battling for a place in Team GB’s team pursuit squad for the Rio Games, with victory in the European Championships doing his chances of selection no harm.

  • ummm…

    i dont think im allowed to post a link to a cyclingnews article. it has been marked as pending it was writtin by robert millar after the recent win. not glowing for sky’s tactics.

  • ummm…

    For an alternative voice than your, and mine, take a look at Robert Millars article on the win. Not glowing;

  • Michael

    You can’t possibly have watched any cycle races with Froome in if you’re suggesting he is only alone at 500m.

    Are you confusing him with Mark Cavendish?

    There’s an unarguable clear difference between Froome and Wiggins.

    Wiggins is a time trialer. He won’t the TdF by gaining minutes on time trials.

    Froome is a climber. Although he’s a decent time trialer too, Froome regularly wins mountain top stages.

    You can’t possibly say with a straight face that Froome’s 2015 TdF win used the same tactics as Wiggins in 2012.

    You should get Eurosport 2 and actually watch some cycle racing because I’m pretty sure all you’ve ever done is look at the results on the web.

  • ummm…

    to be honest, i dont see a real difference. everybody just moved up a peg. porte, thomas, roche, henao, whoever was in the mix at the time moves up one rung when a guy leaves. It is still the train. When/if Froome gets isolated I can hear the announcers freaking out. What, no protection? He is vulnerable…omg .5 km to go!!! So we get .5km, or on the off day a few more, to see him ride one on one with the competition. Froome is good. But Sky hasn’t reinvented their tactics. And, they all try to be the passive aggressive fred geeks talking about marginal gains blah blah. We will see how inspiring they are when history is written. Still think riders with more personality will be remembered more kindly. I mean, however you feel about Contador, or Nairo or Valverde – they go. They take a dig. They ride alone many times.

  • Michael

    Froome is far more entertaining on the bike, imo.

    I’d much prefer watching Froome and the Sky team battle and win on a mountain stage than watching Wiggins with the boring ‘sky train’

  • Andrew Bairsto

    But I bet he would trade all his wins for the TDF and the hour.

  • Roger

    I reckon Mark Cavendish is arguably as good. Milan-San Remo and the World Championship road race (not to mention all his other wins on the road and track) take some beating.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    BW is certainly has the title to date unlike some dope fuelled pretenders.

  • ummm…

    bring wiggins back. this froome guy seems to be a gentlemen, and knows how to win (…..) but wiggins was so much more entertaining off the bike. personality plz!!! can i get some cursing or something!?!?