Cycle insurance company Bikmo has released a list of the most popular male and female names for cyclists - are you on the list?

Are you called David or Sarah? Do you ride a bike? If you do have one of those names the chances are you will be a cyclist according to cycle insurance company.

Bikmo has released the official list (probably based on its customers) of the most popular names for male and female cyclists in the UK, and there are not many surprises.

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Luke is the only disciple not to make the list, with Matthew, Mark and John coming in eighth, second and ninth respectively.

The biggest, and only, surprise is that Leigh ranks sixth on the list of popular women’s names. A quick poll of those who sit near me in the CW office revealed that none of us know someone called Leigh, but there must be a few of them out there.

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Other popular female names include Hannah, Helen and Amanda, while Lisa scrapes into the top 10.

We’re taking these lists with a pinch of salt, but take a look below to see if your name is makes the top 10.

Top 10 popular male cyclist names
1. David
2. Mark
3. Andrew
4. Paul
5. Richard
6. James
7. Simon
8. Matthew
9. John
10. Michael

Top 10 popular female cyclist names
1. Sarah
2. Hannah
3. Helen
4. Amanda
5. Joanne
6. Leigh
7. Laura
8. Julie
9. Michelle
10. Lisa

  • ȷack Dennisσn

    Nonsense I regularly ride in a group containing at least 3 Chris’ and occasionally 4.

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    So -and _ Why is this Womens Weekly thing doing on CW?

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    awwwwww…ill ride with you

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    This is like the article that declared you were less likely to get burgled in a house that had a high number.

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    My name isn’t on the list. That explains why I ride alone.