Former Sky and Endura pro Jonathan Tiernan-Locke will start racing again in February
- Two-year anti-doping ban expired at end of 2015

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke says that he will make a low-key return to bike racing in February, after his two-year ban for doping expired at the end of December 2015.

Tiernan-Locke will take part in the Primavera Road Race near his home in Devon on Sunday, February 28, according to the Torquay Herald Express newspaper.

The 31-year-old from Plymouth was banned for two years after irregularities were detected in his anti-doping biological passport after a test prior to the 2012 World Championships.

In addition to the two-year suspension from competition, Tiernan-Locke was stripped of his 2012 Tour of Britain win and was sacked from Team Sky, who had signed him for 2013 from the Endura squad.

His victories in the 2012 Tour Alsace and Tour du Haut Var remain on his palmares.

Tiernan-Locke has continued to maintain his innocence, and initially blamed the adverse test result on a night of heavy drinking. His subsequent appeal to UK Anti-Doping was rejected.

Several teams had reportedly been interested in signing Tiernan-Locke for 2016, but he has said that – for now – he will race as an independent.

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“I am looking forward to bumping into people I haven’t seen since I last rode at this level six or seven years ago,” Tiernan-Locke said.

“I want to enjoy racing again, first and foremost, see what sort of form I’m in and then take it from there.”

  • Tim packer

    Sheldon.. Please explain which Colombian riders from team sky.. The only Colombian was rigoberto uran.. Who now rides for etix quickstep I think.. He was never tested positive anyway .. What do you mean by “they” disappeared to Columbia. Who?

  • Sheldon

    Research how they treated their Colombian riders, they disappeared to Columbia and are still on the Team. They didn’t help him when he challenged the decision, left him high and dry, pardon the pun.

  • Nomad

    Significant irregularities are highly suggestive/probable for EPO use or blood doping. He probably underestimated the specifivity of biological passport analysis. I bet he won’t make the same mistake twice…or at least won’t drink heavily anymore.

  • Tim packer

    Sheldon.. Are you being serious. You are living on another planet to say ” team sky treated this doper disgracefully” team sky have a no doping policy if you haven’t noticed!!!! Please could you explain what they should of done instead..

  • MrHaematocrit

    Dan Cole are you aware that JTL was not banned for EPO usage, it was for irregularities in his passport.

  • Nic Stagg

    Should’ve banned him for life, the sport doesn’t need cheats! There’s enough of them riding as it is.

  • J1

    He won’t be anywhere near them when they’re actually racing, he’s not good enough without the drugs, I mean look how many teams wanted him – 0.

  • Dan Cole

    “I am looking forward to bumping into people I haven’t seen since I last rode at this level six or seven years ago,”
    I hope those people give him what he deserves for cheating them of wins/placings. And I also feel sorry for the domestic riders he is now going to cheat by racing against (the EPO benefits do not disappear after stopping use) – hopefully together they can drive him away from cycling.

  • barry davies

    when you read between the lines there are some strange decisions being made !! Dying to read the book !!!

  • matt

    Sheldon your not his mum or Mrs are you? Joking aside he has served his ban therefore deserves another chance but blaming Sky or whoever else seems somewhat bizarre.

  • Sheldon

    Good luck to JTL in the coming season, this rider has been treated disgracefully by Team Sky and the anti doping authorities. I really hope he can find good form and get back to winning.