The widow and family of Scottish cyclist Jason MacIntyre, who died after colliding with a van in January 2008, are suing the driver involved in the incident.

Caroline MacIntyre is taking action against van driver Robert McTaggart and his employer, Highland Council, according to BBC Scotland. Damages of £500,000 are being sought as the family lost all future support and income from MacIntyre. The case will now be decided by a civil jury.

McTaggart was fined £500 and banned from driving for six months in August after pleading guilty to careless driving at Fort William Sheriff Court.

The vehicle collided with MacIntyre whilst the prolific time trial champion was out training around his home near Fort William, Scotland. MacIntyre was rushed by air to a hospital in Inverness, but later died of his injuries. He left his wife, and two daughters.

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  • Rob Powell

    This is all to typical. the law is powerless in these circumstances. when is the law going to protect the victim of these crimes. it comes to something when those left behind are forced to go through the civil courts to exact some justice. as this is the only recourse the family have then go for it in the biggest way possible. however i do not expect them to receive any of the award

  • Adam Monaghan

    Five hundred pounds and a six month ban….. frankly disgraceful.

    Drivers do not ever realise how vulnerable cyclists are.

    Perhaps, in addition to other penalties, they should have to complete a year of cycling to work in order to make them realise just how fragile an existence exists between cars (lorries, vans) and bicycles. It would make all drivers more considerate if they themselves had to face those risks everyday.