Mark Cavendish hit out at comments made by team-mate André Greipel after the German suggested that he would have won Milan-San Remo had he been selected.

“I was pretty pi**ed with Greipel’s comments after San Remo,” Cavendish said in an interview with the The Guardian.

“If he thought he could win, he’d say it before the race rather than when he’s looking at the results sheet. It wasn’t through lack of form that I didn’t win San Remo – it was bad luck.”

Cavendish rode Milan-San Remo this year with the number one of defending champion on his back but struggled after crashing twice during the race. 

“Last year I won it picking my nose. This year it was possible I’d win again. There’s no chance of Greipel winning a ‘Monument’. Me on bad form is still better than him,” Cavendish added in the first visible signs of discontent within the HTC Columbia ranks.

Cavendish was recently selected to ride the Tour of California instead of his preferred choice the Giro d’Italia – a race in which he won three stages last year – with Greipel taking care of sprinting duties in Italy.

Already divided between California and the Giro, any suggestion that the two sprinters could peacefully cohabit at Columbia was unequivocally quashed by the Manxman.

Riding on the same team, “is not a problem for me, because I’m a better rider,” Cavendish explained but as for both riders racing at the Tour de France, the Manxman commented: “there’s no chance whatsoever that he’s coming to a bike race with me.”

Hitting out at Greipel again, Cavendish added: “I understand that at the moment I’m racing to be in my best form for the Tour de France and the World Championships. If I wanted to get s**t small wins, I’d race s**t small races,” referring to Greipel’s three stage wins and the overall at the Tour Down Under.  

  • Jackie

    Have to say that if I were Brailsford, I don’t think I’d want Cavendish in Team Sky – for all he’s the best sprinter in the world (which he is), who wants someone who is going to cause that level of dissension within the team?

  • patricia

    Well at least he didn’t mention The War!!

    Nice one Cav, entertaining as ever…

  • Baz

    Poor old Cav! Maybe he could be fitted with something like an automatic gear changer so his brain is activated before his mouth. Come on, lad; shut up and start winning.

  • Ken Evans

    Cavendish should let his legs do the talking.

  • george L

    Yes but no but yes but no that Greipel blokes nasty and I said to him that he couldn’t win because his bikes not as good as mine and I told my mum and she said that she is going to go and tell him off and that big races are bigger than little ones and I’m going to ride the tour and he ain’t going because yes but no but…..

    Cavendish is turning into Vicky Pollard. . Speak with your bike!! Green Jersey and World Champ Jersey!

  • CP

    Oh now come on Cav! I had a lot of respect for you, having honoured your HTC Columbia contract when others were seeing the Sky £££s and breaking theirs. But that is just playground stuff. You’re better than that. Apologise, get our respect back, and then let the legs do the talking.

  • james smith

    I guess thats what sprinters are like, arrogant…

    It can be argued that Cav can be arrogant at the moment with his Palmares, but as someone once said to me; you are only as good as your last race. And Cav’s and your last race wasn’t so good.

  • peter goodall

    cavendish is spoilt bad temper brat!i hope greipel replys with many more wins wheather they are in “s**t” little races or monuments.cavendish could really do with lessons in pr.And i for one don’t think he would have won at san-remo if he started an hour in front of the others.