A motorist in Aberdeen claims he is a policeman when a cyclist confronts him about his dangerous overtaking move.

The Internet is awash with videos of cyclists in close shaves with cars, but very few drivers pretend to be an off-duty policeman in an attempt to prove why they have the right of way.

But in Aberdeen, a man who only wants to be known as ‘Aberdeen Cycle Cam’ encountered just this when he chased down a Volvo driver who was not happy with his decision to cycle in the middle of the lane.

As seen in the video above, the driver pulls out his wallet and flashes a document allegedly bearing the words ‘Northumbria Police’.

After sounding his horn at a roundabout, the driver then speeds past the cyclist before being confronted some distance later.

“I estimate that the driver passed me less than half a metre away,” the rider wrote under his YouTube video.

“When I confronted him at a red light he pulled out a police ID he pulls out a fake ‘Northumbria Police’ ID and said: “I’m a serving police officer.

“He said that it was my fault because I was “riding in the middle of the road”.”

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police said: “This man is in no way connected to Northumbria Police.

“Officers have made enquiries and are not concerned. It does appear to be a one-off incident and we haven’t seen this before.”

In an update to his video, the cyclist added: “Aberdeen and Northumbria Polices have contacted the driver that was ‘very remorseful’ and attributed his actions to a ‘moment of madness’.

“The Police has issued a written warning to the driver regarding this incident. I am happy with the way both polices have dealt with this case that is now closed.”

  • Peter Marlow

    We are! That’s why Cav likes it here.

    Can I come for Christmas then?

  • Neil

    I’m joking too. I thought you chaps from Essex were famed for your humour…

  • Peter Marlow

    Neil – IT’S A JOKE.

    I couldn’t care a damn if I look a twit or not. That’s my point! For goodness sake mate, all you’re doing is proving that point. Lighten up, otherwise I’ll mistake you for a dour Scotsman as well.

    We’re all cyclists remember?

  • Neil

    “I’ll let you off this time Neil.” – very kind.

    “Just remember that us Essex lads are almost as funny as that lot from Liverpool” – funny as in odd?

    “Tongue in cheek young man, tongue in cheek.” – ah, you’ve been made to look foolish, but hey, you were joking all along. Sure…

    “Self deprecating doesn’t cover it.” – No, but twit might cover it.

  • Peter Marlow

    I’ll let you off this time Neil.

    Just remember that us Essex lads are almost as funny as that lot from Liverpool. Tongue in cheek young man, tongue in cheek.

    I must admit I didn’t actually… ahem… listen to the video…. which might have helped! Self deprecating doesn’t cover it.

  • Neil

    Oh dear…

    Quite apart from his broad Northumbrian accent (not broad enough for you though) there is a link on the the YT page where the story has been covered by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. Check it out.

    Their headline?

    “Geordie driver flashed fake police ID to intimidate cyclist in Aberdeen”.

    I believe Geordies are expert in identifying, erm, other Geordies…

  • Peter Marlow

    You’re not another Scot who always has to be in the right are you?

    PS – When does the head butting start?

  • Neil

    You’re making a fool of yourself now.

  • Julian Barker

    So it’s ok pretend to be a policeman? Brilliant.

  • harry smith

    So, did the cops even bother to explain there was nothing wrong with the cyclist’s position?

  • Jimmy Currie

    Fact is it doesn’t matter if he is a police officer or not (which we all know he is most probably not), the cyclist was in the right and was cycling to the highway code. People need to slow down and wait to pass cyclists safely, its about priority not right of way!

  • Smug the Dragon

    And what sort of “moment of madness” involves a person making, printing and using this fake ID. Doesn’t sound like a “momentary” lapse of judgement at all.

  • Peter Marlow

    “Clearly Northumbrian”….. clearly?

    I can tell the difference between somebody from Leytonstone and somebody from Peckham, even Devon from Somerset – but Scottish from Northumbrian. Nope sorry.

  • Smug the Dragon

    The fake police officer was clearly Northumbrian. I am not sure what your point is here.

  • Peter Marlow

    It’s a bit politically incorrect I know, but what could be worse
    than a Scotsman having to be in the right when actually they’re in the wrong? In
    this case, he’s so desperate he pretends to be a policeman!

    Chapeau for keeping your cool mate – well done.

  • Kevin ‘Herbie’ Blackburn

    ‘Very remorseful’ – i.e. ‘I’m sorry I got caught’!!