40-year-old Dean Goble swerved his car to the wrong side of the road in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire to intentionally target cyclists

A Gloucestershire motorist who deliberately swerved over to the wrong side of the road towards on-coming cyclists has been jailed for two and a half years and disqualified from driving for two years.

Forty-year-old Dean Goble was sentenced in Swindon Crown Court on Wednesday on two counts of dangerous driving. He was found responsible for incidents in which he deliberately targeted cyclists who were ‘minding their own business’, according to the Swindon Advertiser.

Three separate incidents were recorded in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire in April and May 2014, with cyclists David Jones, Jeremy Maiden and Amanda Adams all claiming that Goble drove at them in his blue Peugeot 206 car while blasting his horn.

He was found guilty in the cases of Jones and Maiden, but not that of Adams.

Goble’s actions were captured on video by a helmet-mounted camera used by Jones. Police were able to identify Goble’s vehicle from the footage, and he was arrested on May 20 2014.

In his defence, Goble said that he was swerving to avoid a pothole when Jones took the footage – but he denied being present during the incidents relating to Maiden and Adams.

“Dean Goble had no respect for the safety of these cyclists; his dangerous and irresponsible actions could have killed one of these innocent people or, at the very least, seriously injured one of them,” said Sergeant Barrie Card of Wiltshire Police after the verdict was given, reports the BBC.

  • Harri


  • It was YUGE! It would have swallowed the entire car without a trace save a few bubbles as the air escaped the seals around the windows. You could see it from SPACE!

    In reality maybe a few cm wide and deep, if it even existed outside the driver’s imagination.

  • Michael

    Don’t be stupid.

    Laws are not ad hoc things you apply in a fit of emotional pique.

    What kind of justice would it be if people who dropped litter were charged with rape, or not having a TV license?

    Similarly, deciding this guy “attempted to murder” someone is ludicrous. Cyclists that come out with this nonsense make cyclists as a group look stupid.

    Get a grip. What this guy did was abhorrent, but it wasn’t murder.

  • Tim packer

    Cliff.. The whole of his scumbag family should be shot!!

  • Tim packer

    Michael..seems like you might be related to this scumbag .

  • ummm…

    and increasingly prescription opiates

  • ummm…

    well i think we can all get behind the rationale and the moralism and the practicality of not killing producting members of society – or even killing unproductive members of society because of the precedent it sets. the policies of prohibition in recorded history are haphazard and lack any real rationale besides the “public good” However we legalize certain drugs and make others illegal, then flip flop on policy for reasons as far reaching as xenophobia. ppl want drugs, they use drugs, they have dominion over their own bodies. the rationale in taking such freedom away is not clear especially when the most harmful drugs are cigarettes and alcohol. I’m much more of a mess after a night out then i will EVER be if i stayed in and played scrabble with friends over a joint. Our changing attitude towards pot specifically shows that the prohibition of certain drugs only serves to harm society, as did alcohol prohibition did with the american mafia etc., which is antithetical to its purpose.

  • NitroFan

    I remember seeing this on You tube some time ago well done to the Police for finding him and an astonished well done to the court that got something right for once!

  • Cliff

    What has his father’s crimes got to do with it?

  • J1

    How big was the pothole?

  • Chris

    Questional sentiment. Explain!

  • Michael

    Well, no. That’s a ridiculous thing to claim.

    Had he intended to kill the cyclist in the footage, for example, he could have easily hit him.

    As it is, he swerves towards and away. His intent wasn’t murder and he made no attempt to murder anyone.

  • ummm…

    somebody has to provide such a service. but, id much prefer that an upstanding member of society did so, and not a anti-velocipedist. We need drug dealers of all sorts in this world, but we dont need possible murderers. take that as you will.

  • Mark Jones

    Sounds like a really nice man and has already been jailed for drug dealing, as has his dad. This from an article from back in 2010 about his father, who is described as “A NOTORIOUS wheelchair-bound pensioner who supplied cocaine and cannabis from his Cirencester home has been jailed for more than seven years”. Hopefully this will result in a family reunion!!!

  • Mark Jones

    It is attempted murder and should be treated as such, before these things get out of hand.

  • I’ve had this happen to me and you can tell the difference – the **** who drove at me had a real anger in his face.