Riders backed the decision to cancel stage three of Paris-Nice due to adverse weather conditions, with many of them taking to Twitter to discuss the situation


Not long after they’d had a warm shower and changed out of their drenched cycling clothes, many of the riders from Paris-Nice took to Twitter to talk about the stage’s cancellation.

Organisers decided to cut stage three short, cancelling it completely just before the 100km mark because of snow and freezing temperatures on the course.

Many interested observers questioned whether the UCI’s Extreme Weather Protocol should be called into action, but few knew exactly what could be done mid-race.

Andre Greipel was one to question why the riders were allowed to start the race when there was already snow at the feed point.

Greipel’s fellow German Marcel Kittel had a pretty disgusting way of keeping warm out on the road.

Luke Rowe shared Greipel’s thoughts about the knowledge of the weather conditions before the stage.

He and Ian Boswell took refuge in sport director Gabriel Rasch’s car when the stage was abandoned.

Geraint Thomas explained just why the stage was cancelled – the safety of the riders was more important than completing the stage.

IAM Cycling’s Dries Devenyns made the best joke of the day about a Spanish cyclist and an Italian skiier.

He’s not racing there, but Joaquim Rodriguez is a fan of the organiser’s decision

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Some social media users are calling the riders ‘soft’ for not continuing in such conditions, but Cannondale boss Jonathan Vaughters insists the riders can handle such conditions – the bikes can’t though.

  • NitroFan

    I am sure low level club riders could if they were daft enough ride in this stuff (Cycling is not a look at me I am hard competition!) but these guys are racing BIG difference as many club rider would find out were they given the chance to ride with them. If you watch Newcastle United play in the cold you will see lots of bare chests in the stadium even in minus 5 temps and their fellow fans are everso impressed that seems to be a similar mindset to your post.

  • NitroFan

    I think you sum the mindset up well Cath, good on you.

  • Cath Taylor

    I can only think they were lookiing forward to multiple crashes and nasty injuries as the riders tried to go downhill from the climbs in those awful -conditions – a bit like the Romans cheering on the lions – good entertainment!

  • Sean

    Why are CW saying Kittel is disgusting for peeing in his shorts? Do they think breakaway riders hold it in all day?

  • NitroFan

    “Some social media users are calling the riders ‘soft’ for not continuing in such conditions” Quite why the views of such morons are worthy of mention frankly beggars belief

  • Judging Geraint Thomas’s photo, they made the right decision. They should have called it before they started racing though.

  • Adam Beevers

    Such an awful shame that pro’s can’t ride like the rest of us and just deal with wintery conditions. I mean, all that expensive kit they have, and there’s no hand warmers? The organisers should have made them swap onto fat bikes at the feed zone!