Team Sky will line up at the start of the Tour of Britain in Rochdale this Saturday in new black and green kit as they bid to save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest throughout the race.

Taking advantage of the UCI rule that allows teams to compete in one race with different kit, the British squad has replaced the blue stripes on it’s kit for green – calling it the Sky Rainforest Rescue Kit.

According to Sky’s press release the six riders will have new helmets, water bottles, saddles and bikes for the eight stage event.

Sky’s rainforest rescue initiative aims to raise £4 million to save one billion trees in the Amazon. All money raised is donated to the World Wildlife Fund.


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  • Lee

    hahaha…electric powered vehicles on Le Tour….you either dont know the length of the tour stages, terrain or the fact that electric vehicles are just plain rubbish….at the moment they dont have enough endurance and take too long to recharge. The Diesel Jag’s they run are actually pretty efficient.

  • Pat

    Can you buy this cycling kit of sky with the green strip?

  • Lee

    You’d think Sky would be able to afford a better photographer….

  • patricia

    Well if they’re really serious about reducing global warming then they’d do far better to ditch the Jags in favour of electric-powered vehicles.