Keeping your fingers and toes warm on a winter ride can be the difference between enjoyment and just wanting to get home. A good pair of overshoes can help keep your feet toasty and allow you to carry on riding in the worst of the winter weather

Second perhaps only to numb fingers, getting cold toes is a sure fire way to ruin any winter ride. As the temperature drops towards zero, it’s essential to keep your toes warm and the best way to do that is with a decent pair of overshoes.
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There are several features to take into account when choosing the best pair of overshoes for you: chiefly the conditions you are likely to be using them in. If the temperature is unlikely to get too cold, you won’t need 4mm thick sub-zero booties. If where you live only sees rain once a year, maybe don’t worry too much about the waterproofing.

Our pick of the best cycling overshoes

If, like us, you do the majority of your riding under the constant threat of rain, a fair threat of snow and likely freezing temperatures then a set of all-round cycling overshoes that will keep out the elements and keep you riding is essential.

  • Berth Ljunggren

    Use summer shoes, bike socks and last early morning ride, left home at 04:24am the temp was down to +1 centigrade, short one at 14.8km but my feet was very cold 🙂 no idea why 🙂

  • Chipomarc

    I’ve found that no matter how much you try to keep toes warm they will go numb on a long cold ride.

    What happens is the water in your bottles will get close to the freezing point and you therefore cool your body core so much that your system slows blood to your toes and fingers.

  • COL S. Trautman

    A lot of layers there mate!

  • nortonpdj

    Layers work best for me – winter socks, shoes with thermal insoles, belgian booties over the shoes, neoprene covers over the booties. As long as the layers are not tight all the trapped air does the job.

  • Nick

    I have the Castelli Diluvio overshoes and have found them really ill fitting and very delicate, they have quite a few holes in already underneath, really wouldn’t recommend at all