We asked readers to nominate the most offensive cycling fashion faux pas

What you wear when cycling is an extraordinarly emotive subject. For some, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you’re out riding and enjoying yourself – and it’s hard to argue against that.

For others, though, wearing and using the ‘right’ kit is key. And anything that deviates from that just isn’t on…

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to tell us what they thought was a cycling abomination, a blight on the face of biking, and here’s a selection of their answers.

What do you think is the most hideous cycling fashion crime? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Wearing your bib-short shoulder straps over your cycling top.
Steve Hellaby

Peaked mountain bike helmet, short-sleeved jersey that’s two sizes too big, pockets full of ‘things’. Tracksuit bottoms being worn underneath a plain black pair of cycling shorts, black mountain bike shoes being used with toe clips and straps. Not a good look.
Kurt Green

Peter Sagan in 2015

Cool or foul? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

That Tinkoff training kit spotted earlier this year.
Dewi Evans

The biggest crime is the pompous few who think it really matters if when you are out on your bike someone cares what you wear.
Duncan Johnston Jr

Chewbacca-length hair on the legs.
Christopher Welch

Expecting all women to want to wear ‘girly’ coloured anything. Sorry, but some girls prefer primary colours that do not have flowers or other girly stuff on them. So yeah some gals, like myself, buy men’s jerseys (and actually men’s bibs as well). Besides the fact they also fit better, they look better.
Gretta Long

Knee-high compression socks look ridiculous on a bike. Great with sandals though, honest.
Gary Skinner

Super Mario’s skinsuit when he retired at the Giro d’Italia. I still have flashbacks, I can never unsee it.
Phil Rush

Me… still kidding myself I fit well into a Large.
Owen Clark

A friend who insists on wearing red from head to toe and has everything on his bike red! He looks like Deadpool. It’s a no from me.
Philip Sims

Aerosuit Cannondale studio shot

Just off down the shops, in my skinsuit

Got to be glasses inside helmet straps or anything else triathletes do.
Jamie Lloyd

White bib shorts, they should simply be banned.
Andy Young

Mountain bike shoes on a road bike.
Paul Davy

Tri-suits when not in a triathlon, aerosuits when not racing. Why people think they need to is beyond me.
Martin Hughes

Team kit/finisher’s jersey/leader’s jersey/KOM etc. Unless you’re on the team, or earned it, it’s not for you!
Laura Boggis

How about people who complain about others wearing pro kit or champion’s jersey but will buy the same bike as a Tour winner without having won a Tour.
Barra O’Brien

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Does one not wear cycle clips to keep one’s tweed touring trousers from fouling the chain anymore?
Ian Cooper

People who pay stupid prices for kit when the bog-standard stuff does the same job.
Jason Sherratt

We wear figure-hugging Lycra with luminous jerseys, massive sunglasses and a hat with holes in. I think we all live in glasshouses.
Sean Cormack

  • harry

    Tan lines are just wrong.

  • NitroFan

    And there I was thinking all us SPD guys had a sense of humour! We need one given the looks we get from the Look / Castelli equipped wannabes!:-)

  • NitroFan

    Thanks I use SPD on all my bikes so no one is ever going to mistake me a for a pro out on a training ride!

  • Charlie Stevenson

    Pure clickbait, accompanied by a variety of pompous, parsimonious, self-righteous responses… plus the odd reasonable one. Ignore.

    Disclosure: Rapha-wearing, hairy-legged, SPD-riding, Campag/Shimano mixing roadie.

  • bobfairlane

    I love SPD double sided pedals and would ride them on the pope’s gold colnago if I could take it.

  • bobfairlane

    A: Riding nude with tan lines.

  • Michael

    I’m pretty confident that football supporters mock each other for any and every thing they can.

  • tony365

    Yeah looks odd!

  • tony365

    This is all just for a laugh guys and gals. I say do what you want and if you are riding with someone that critisizes your fashion sense ( especially if they have a 10,000 bike & 2,000 kit ) drop them or make them suffer every chance you get.

  • Phil Reimann

    Do football supporters mock those that wear their shirt tucked in, or smirk at those that wear it with a Primark hoodie and not the latest Nike training top? No. And if they do, they fall into the same category of those I was commenting on.

  • Michael

    SPDs are not really MTB shoes.

    Shimano, as well as 3rd parties sell a variety of SPD (or SPD and SPD-SL) compatible shoes and pedals these days.

    Although I think the M520s are pretty common on road bikes (for good reason – they are £17 online and last forever) if you want a one-sided SPD pedal that’s light and hangs vertically and gives you a bigger platform which still allows you to wear recessed cleats, the A600 fits the bill.

  • Michael

    No, your earlier post just showed you’re completely ignorant about what cycling kit is for and why people buy team jerseys (and why the teams and sponsors sell them)

    Pro cycling wants support – they want people in the kit. They don’t get to sell tickets after all.

    The idea you need to “earn” it is just ridiculous. People aren’t wearing it because they are pretending they have won the TdF. How ridiculous of you to suggest that. Even more laughable that you race cat 6.

    I guess you’ve never been to a football game? Or do you think the crowd needs to sleep with Victoria before they can wear Beckham’s shirt?

    The only pompous, elitist response I saw was your own.

  • Chris

    I’ve always thought that stockings instead of tights is a good look, although they don’t do anything for me.

  • Roland Lawrence

    I think the Colombians Women’s Cycle Team kit was pretty terrible.

  • Phil Reimann

    My point is that everyone looks ridiculous in cycling apparel, so why mock others that choose to wear different things? I too wear bib shorts and cycling shoes on longer rides for the reasons you state, but that doesn’t mean I think people that don’t are committing a fashion crime. Anyone noticing someone wearing their sunglasses inside their helmet straps (god forbid!) or using MTB shoes should be concentrating more on going fast.

  • Stevie

    ‘shoes that mean you can’t walk; shorts with bum pads that require straps to hold them up’ Cycling shoes aren’t made for walking in and the rigid soles offer much greater comfort. If your commuting simply use MTB shoes so that you can still walk short distances without much discomfort and to avoid looking like a prat. Also there is nothing wrong with bib shorts they are affordable and stop any unwanted rubbing or digging in from a waist band. There’s no rules on what people should wear, but if our covering any sort of mileage on a daily or weekly basis getting ‘the right kit for the job’ helps. That doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive kit, most cycling clubs offer an affordable and durable range of kit.

  • NitroFan

    Ahhh yes but if you wear SPD’s no one is going to mistake you for a real pro out on a training ride then are they!

  • Janek Lžičař

    Short-sleeved jersey with bib thights (yes, that is long). My brother does that. I will never understand.

  • But..but…i do like having mountain bike shoes on road bike! 🙁 You can actually walk in them! 😀 Should i be ashamed for such outrageous “fashion” crime?

  • Phil Reimann

    What a pompous, unnecessary and elitist set of pathetic responses. This is the exact reason why people are put off taking up the sport or entering events. Anyone wearing ‘pro kit’ should take a look at themselves – shoes that mean you can’t walk; shorts with bum pads that require straps to hold them up; jerseys of teams and colours you haven’t earned … – get a grip! But do carry on because it makes it all the more fun when we pass you. 🙂