Leading domestic team Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta’s future hangs in the balance.

“Something might be resurrected,” team head Phil Griffiths said to Cycling Weekly this morning.

The problem is believed to stem from sponsorship issues, but Griffiths also expressed his displeasure at what he calls the “day of the agent”.

“I’ve been in this business for 27 years, and haven’t got a deal with Assos, Pinarello, anyone. It’s done on my word, on trust,” said Griffiths, who runs product distributor Yellow Ltd.

“I’ve got riders eating pasta at my table, driving my fast cars, sleeping in my house; I’ve shaken hands with Ed Clancy, but agents are coming in. The day of the agent is upon us, and I’m not sure I can be done with it.”

The first confirmed departure is Andy Tennant, who is going to Rapha-Condor-Sharp for 2011.

“I’ve let Tennant go, because I won’t deal with agents,” Griffiths said. “I asked him ‘what do you want for next year,’ and he said ‘speak to my agent,’ and I said ‘er, what?’

Tennant declined to comment on the matter when Cycling Weekly contacted him.

If their future is secured, Motorpoint have a fight on their hands to keep their other riders. CW believes that Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy is close to signing a deal with Rapha-Condor-Sharp, with Ian Bibby also near the exit door.

“It’s a bit of a shock, I thought it was all fine for next year. It’s looking like it might be back on track. Fingers crosed,” said Motorpoint rider Jonny McEvoy.

The Motorpoint team, also home to the likes of Malcolm Elliott and Olympic medallist Steven Burke, won the Tour Series this year.

More to come later.

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  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Phil Griffiths broker Russell Downings deal with sky? If thats the case isn’t he classed as an agent? However i think Phil does deserve some credit for creating and running the motor point team however agents will be the future so i suppose its up to him if he wants to continue but i wouldn’t blame the riders they just want to be paid as much as possible.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is very unfair, these pro cyclists are getting a bad name. At the end of the day this is there career and unfortunately they have to do what is best for them, if this means a better offer from another team or manager unfortunately they have to take it. Unfortunately people make these comments but only see the sitution from one side where there is always two sides to every story. I have seen both sides of the situations and i believe people really don’t understand what these lads have to contend with sometimes, if they did they would understand exactly why a good agent is nesessary. People should look upon these situations with more of an open mind as they are not always as straight forward as what meet the eye

  • MikeCope

    A sad day for UK cycling – Phil Griffiths deserves greater loyalty —what would the UK pro scene have looked like without him ? Should we be surprised after the example set by Wiggins / Sky?

  • sheldon

    Griffiths is a good man and put together many teams to support the british cycling domestic scene. It would be a sad loss if his team was to fold. Agents have messed up football, keep them out of cycling. The domestic scene is not strong enough to support these people. The premier races have a few hundred people watching these events, the crits do a lot better but the sport is struggling for sponsorship and money. Riders need to think and appreciate the hard work done by people like Griffiths and race organisers. I bet agents have no interest in organising races for their riders.

  • Guy

    Agents,on the UK pro domestic scene? That’s a cracker!

  • Colnago dave

    And Phil is surprised ! ?
    I hope the riders are astute enough to know that the agents have no loyalty either and are only out to make a fast buck.
    The riders will still be self employed, have to pay their own insurance and medical bills and if I was a sponsor I wolud say OK you have a bigger salary but you provide your own transport to events.
    To the riders remember most agents have no scruples