Sports clothing manufacturer Adidas has officially published the first photographs of the new British Cycling national team strip. The new design was unofficially leaked when a bike shop posted a photo of the jersey in mid-December on its website.

The new design is a radical departure from the old predominantly red and blue kit, with a white background and union flag motif emblazoned across the jersey. The shorts are a dark blue colour.

The official photos show Olympic track champion Sir Chris Hoy modelling the kit. Team sponsors Sky and Gatorade have their logos displayed on the kit, although the words ‘Great Britain’ appear to be missing.

According to British Cycling, the new strip is the result of months of work between themselves and Adidas. The strip is a one-piece design that aims to incorporate the “aerodynamics of time trial skin suits with the comfort of elite stage race jerseys”.

Replica kit will be available to buy from February. 

We still say that the union flag is the wrong way around, though.

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  • eekonoo

    Back to the Red White and Blue… better than the Olympic kit.

  • JD

    The flag is upside down but is that really a big deal? The design works better that way.

    And yes, Wales isn’t officially represented in the flag’s colours but that’s the fault of the Middle Ages not the flag.

  • roginoz

    whoever got paid big bucks for this has condemned uk to bland anonymity… need to go back to school…..the purpose of a poster (which is what a jersey is) is to instantly grab one s attention like the last one did like no other… easy to see you see…Stuart , we are lucky not to be represented on this . As they say in Oz…it s crap mate! Hoy s face says it all.

  • Geraint

    I quite like it, a bit less gaudy than the old red & blue one.

    Agree the comments about the Union Flag being upside down though – they can’t release it like that, surely?

  • Ken W

    Nice idea Bradley, stars for number of World Cups and Olympic medals etc the team’s won. Only trouble is, it’d end up looking more like the USA flag!
    Alasdair, agree, yes surely they’re not going to use it with the flag upside down – it’s actually, officially a DISTRESS signal!!

  • tahrey

    Actually, after Bothering To Do The Research, which way “up” the flag appears (ie whether the wider white stripes are upper left/lower right or upper right/lower left) depends entirely upon which side the flag is hoist from, as it’s double-sided.

    If we assume that the black band down the left side of the rider’s body (with “sky” emblazoned on it in white) is meant to be the flagpole, then it is indeed being flown the correct way up.

    If the pole’s meant to be out of sight, way off on the other side, then it’s upside down.

  • Alasdair Innes

    Surely they cannot let it go into circulation with the Union flag upside down. that would take “dumbing down” Britain just a tad too far and, I wouldn’t like to be in the firing line when The Queen clocks it!

  • Graeme

    Not a bad effort, but I think it looks better underneath Chris Hoy than it does in the photo of him wearing it! Perhaps a bit too ‘heavy’ on the sponsors logo`s but that`s a sign of the modern times I`m afraid. Old vintage cycling jerseys always look the best imo…plain and simple.

  • Ken Evans

    Sir Chris doesn’t look pleased, and I not going to argue with him !

  • John Smith

    Yes you are correct the flag is being displayed up side down.

  • stuart stanton

    Great we are not on it again sooner we have our own independent team the better signed Pawb pwy caru Gymru

  • lee

    Looks a lot better than the dark colours of the Olympic kit.

  • Bradley

    It should have some reference to the number of World Cups, commonwealth and Olympic medals the team has won until now (a bit like stars on football tops to show the number of World Cups won).