BeBop’s unusual design turns the more conventional method for pedal/cleat engagement on its head by placing the spring retention in the cleat, rather than the pedal body. An obvious benefit is that the design is exceptionally light.

The basic model, with cro-moly spindle, (£74.99) weighs just 210g per pair, and if you’re prepared to go to the top of the tree, the titanium-spindled version, (£239.99), are an even more scant 150g per pair.

The design offers a low, 11mm stack height plus there is plenty of free float to assist alignment. Low friction needle rollers and sealed cartridge bearings are used across the range to ensure smooth rotation and durability.

The cleat uses a two-bolt mounting like that found on mountain bike shoes – if you wish to walk in your cycling shoes, that could be a real plus.

Also available is an adaptor for three-bolt pattern road shoes and a full bearing rebuild kit.


BeBop pedals 2011

Bebop with stainless steel spindle. 195g or 270g with cleats.

BeBop pedals 2011

Bebop with Cro-Mo steel spindle










Bebop cleat set 75g inc. hardware



  • Bob

    Thanks for adding the picture of the cleats; 100% better now 🙂

  • Nick Rearden

    I’ll give you that, Bob. Think I’ll go and find a picture of the cleats; stand by.

  • Bob

    Even as a news item it’s not up to much. When I saw the pictures in the magazine I thought all well and good but no point in just showing a picture of the pedals on their own; it’s only half a story without showing the cleats!

  • Nick Rearden

    Hi Phlup, no it’s not a review. It’s a news item. The clue is in the heading “product news” There is also a heading “reviews” Hope you like the reviews in there. 🙂

  • phlup

    Is that a review?
    I am shocked that a cycling specific publication can produce such bilge!