We look at some of the best deals Wiggle has to offer, including complete bikes, clothing, components and groupsets

Got your eye on a particular cycling item, but it’s just out of your price range? Don’t despair – we’ve scoured the online retailer for some of the best Wiggle deals and brought them together just for you.

Wiggle was not always the massive cycling chain you know and love. It first started out selling any bits and bobs that moved (hence the name), everything from condoms to solar eclipse viewing sunglasses.

The initial office was located in the backroom of a Portsmouth bike shop and it wasn’t long before the company decided bikes were the way to go.

Since then it has outshone a lot of internet competitors with some salacious deals.

Our picks of the month for the best Wiggle deals

Garmin Edge 520 GPS computer £279 £199

One of Garmin’s bonafide training tools, the 520 Edge can do it all – FTP tests, heart rate, cadence, power, navigation and much more.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 520 at Wiggle for £199

Gore Bike Wear Oxygen 2.0 £199 £99

Gore make some of the best wet weather clothing out there, and the Oxygen 2.0 jacket is no different.

A slim race fit means it won’t go flapping behind you in the wind, and a special membrane should make it quite breathable, too.

Buy now: Gore Bike Wear Oxygen 2.0 jacket at Wiggle for £99

Morvelo Kuler short sleeve jersey £65 £40

The Morvelo Kuler is made out of some seriously robust fabric while still maintaining a lightweight. Plus, it looks good, too.

Buy now: Morvelo Kuler short sleeve jersey at Wiggle for £40

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II road shoe £265 £158

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These are Mavic’s ultimate racing slippers, and they are super light – a claimed 240g each. Throw in the stiff sole, heel lock and ergo designs and you get a great pair of shoes, whether you’re racing or just going for a ride.

Buy now: Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II road shoe at Wiggle for £158

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season folding tyre £64.95 £31.99

Get ready for the incoming chilly season with a pair of Continental’s four season tyres. They come with Continental’s Duraskin protection that makes them durable and adds a lot of puncture protection.

Buy now: Continental Grand Prix 4 Season folding tyre at Wiggle for £31.99

Giro Synthe helmet £224 £118

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Giro’s top end Synthe road helmet is our favourite aero road helmet. It’s lightweight, with some of Giro’s top tech crammed into that shell – including the company’s RocLoc 5 retention system and X-Static padding.

Buy now: Giro Synthe helmet at Wiggle for £118 (down from £224)

Bont Vaypor road cycle shoes £225 £112

Bont Vaypor Sprint wide shoes (3)

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These hand made, heat mouldable shoes will make you the talk of the town (or at least your cycling mates). The fit is bespoke to you thanks to a proprietary resin that allows it to be mouldable across the entire shoe chassis.

Buy now: Bont Vaypor road shoes at Wiggle for £112 (down from £225)

High5 Protein Recovery 1.6kg £41.99 £24.98

If you’re riding hard at the moment or doing any type of serious work in the gym then you’ll want to get hold of some protein. It’s recovery agent make getting back on the bike the next day so much easier.

Buy now: High5 Protein Recovery 1.6kg for £24.98 (down from £41.99)

Garmin Edge 25 £139 £94

The Garmin Edge 25 is one of Garmin’s smallest packages, but it is able to pack a lot into that teeny frame.

It’s capable of navigation and has ANT+ compatibility making it a performance pusher in its own right.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 25 for £94.99 (down from £139.99)

Shimano 105 5800 groupset £559 £329

Mekk Poggio 2.6 2016 11 shimano 105 chainset

Shimano’s 105 groupset is something of the work horse in Shimano’s stable. It’s tough, top quality and just keeps going, which makes it a great winter groupset. It’s even better when it is 37% off.

Buy now: Shimano 105 5800 groupset for £329.99 (down from £559)

Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart Trainer £249.99 £94.99

Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart Trainer

The Elite Qubo Power Mag trainer comes complete with the innovative Misuro wireless speed sensor & is Smart enabled. Ideal trainer for indoor training or warming up at events. Foldable, lightweight, its a great training tool producing high power output.

Buy now: Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart Trainer for £94.99 (reduced from £249.99)

Castelli Women’s Gabba jersey £140 £70

Best Wiggle deals: Castelli Women's Gabba Jersey

Castelli Women’s Gabba Jersey

Buy now: Castelli Women’s Gabba Jersey for £70 (reduced from £140)

For good reason, this is one of the most iconic jerseys in cycling; the Gabba quickly became a firm favourite among fans when it first came out. Paired with arm warmers, this short sleeve iteration is perfect for those less than clement days, but it’s versatile enough to work in the summer too.