Linear rather than circular replacement inner tube negates the need to remove the wheel from the bike

Cycle tyre and tube manufacturer Rubena has introduced a time-saving way of fixing a puncture that does not require you to remove the wheel from the bike.

The company’s Gaadi tube is a straight section of tubular rubber sealed at each end, rather than the traditional circular tube. This can be threaded into the tyre past the bike frame’s stays, once one side of the tyre’s bead has been popped off the rim and old tube has been removed. You’d have to cut a traditional tube if you’re not removing the wheel.

Rubena says that the tube was developed specifically for eBikes, but can be used on any cycle and is available for wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inch. The tubes will cost £12 each.

Although we haven’t tried the system out yet, we’d imagine that there’s a bit of a flatspot where the two ends of the tube meet. However, as a get-you-home solution it seems like a great idea.

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  • Philip Holman

    There won’t be a flat or soft spot where the two ends of the tubes come together. Inner tubes are so soft and stretchy they’ll completely fill the tire compartment and ensure equal pressure throughout.

  • Paul Sergeant

    specialized used to sell tubes like this over 10 years ago, called something like wormdrive. Actually quite handy for a single-speed when taking the wheel out can be a hassle, and you don’t really need to take the tyre off to find & remove the cause of a puncture anyway. Not that bad an idea for the casual urban cyclist.

  • philip norton

    and how do you find and remove whatever pierced the tyre to cause the puncture without removing the wheel? I think this is a silly idea which will not be accepted by anyone but a complete novice.