Yorkshire company Summit Finish has produced a range of miniature French climb kilometre markers. And if you’ve got the room, they are also offering full size replicas.

The miniature markers are available in two sizes – 10cm and 20cm – and are made from plaster of Paris and then hand-painted. A range of replicas are available, including commemorating the stages of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire.

The full size markers are manufactured from concrete, and then hand-finished and can be placed outside or inside. If you have the room and an understanding family.

Summit Finish offer a bespoke service, so you can have your marker made up with any location, or include your name if you wish.

Miniature markers cost £13, with a full-size version of the Mont Ventoux marker priced at £96. You can contact the company via email to get a quote on any bespoke marker.

Contact: Summit Finish website

  • Terry

    Doh !! I read that last bit just as a piece of text, thanks Nigel ………………… feeling ‘muppetish’ !!!!

  • Nigel Wynn

    Terry – the company’s web address is at the end of the article.



  • Terry

    Shame I can’t find the company on ‘tinternet !

  • lindsay bennett

    what a great idea,especially up and coming for tdf. look great in the garden and in fact anywhere in the house. Fantastic – know what i’ll be getting for the cyclists in my life!