Yorkshire will host the Grand Depart of the 2014 Tour de France, the race’s organiser Amaury Sport Organisation confirmed on Friday morning.

Leeds will host the Grand Depart on July 5, with the following day’s road stage also in Yorkshire on July 6. The race then travels south for a third British stage on July 7, finishing in London.

Christian Prudhomme, Tour de France director, said that the Yorkshire bid had been successful due to a number of factors, including the local scenery and recent British cycling success.

“Since the resounding success of the Grand Départ in London in 2007, we were very keen to return to the United Kingdom,” said Prudhomme.

“Bradley Wiggins’ historical victory last July and the enormous crowds that followed the cycling events in the streets of London during the Olympic Games encouraged us to go back earlier than we had initially planned.

“Yorkshire is a region of outstanding beauty, with breathtaking landscapes whose terrains offer both sprinters and attackers the opportunity to express themselves. We have encountered a phenomenal desire from the Yorkshire team to welcome the Tour de France and have no doubt that passion and support will be particularly evident for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2014.”

Sky rider Ben Swift hails from Rotherham and backed the Yorkshire bid from the outset, he said: “I’m over the moon that the world’s biggest bike race is coming to Yorkshire, and until the ‘Back le Bid’ initiative was launched, I never dreamed the Tour would ever start in my home county.

“It’s going to be amazing for the region, a massive honour, and I’m sure everyone in Britain is going to embrace this now.”

Welcome to Yorkshire had been behind the bid to bring the race to the region. The organisation’s chief executive, Gary Verity said: “It will mean less than two years after hosting the Olympics the British public can look forward to another of the world’s biggest sporting events coming to the country, and I am in no doubt they will come to Yorkshire in their millions, lining the length and breadth of the route to cheer on the champions of world cycling and our home grown British heroes.

“Yorkshire is a passionate county of proud people and I am sure they will guarantee that their Grand Départ raises the bar in terms of expectations for all future hosts to come.”

British Cycling president Brian Cookson added his comment: “Like every other cycling fan, I am thrilled the world’s biggest bike race is coming back to this country.

“The huge numbers who turned out to support the 2007 Grand Depart and the London 2012 road races show the passion we have for cycling.

“I’m sure Yorkshire will give the 2014 Tour de France a welcome which will stand out in the race’s rich history.”

Further details of the opening stages of the 2014 Tour will be revealed in a press conference taking place in both Leeds and Paris on Thursday, January 17.

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  • seb charlesworth

    awsome that such an event can make it to our shores and especially in yorkshire , but a grand depart and stages of the “tour de france” in england ?? may be it should be called the tour to france insead .

  • Ken Evans

    Yorkshire will be a big culture shock for some European visitors, and some riders more used to living in Monte Carlo !

  • milton

    very very good news as a rider near to 70 I am amazed that such a thing ia going to happen . i remember well cycling in the 50 s and 60 s when this would have been unthinkable .credit must go to all the pioneers of the sport in this country , past and present .on another note it is sad to see the inevitable carping from people who, i think were not born when cycling was a tenth class sport in this nation .the great shape that the sport is now in should be celebrated not degraded very well done to the Yorkshire team for pulling this off it will be great for cycling in the uk

  • stuart stanton

    Both ITV and BBC did exemplary news broadcasts last night featuring, amongst others Malcolm Elliott and Brian Robinson. Full congratulations. As a Welshman who has lived in and around Leeds for half my adult life I feel honoured to be part of the area and its achievements, of which hosting the Tour de France is possibly the most remarkable of all. Leeds along with the other Yorkshire cities has a thriving multi-cultural society. Could the half-wits who think ‘eeh ba gum’ etc is in some way humorous take note, or else just stay away from the party

  • JeffGoldblumIII

    Sadly this’ll bring out all the God’s Own County people…

    Great news though, pray that there’ll be proper climbs rather than skirting them like the TOB. Let’s show the French that there is tough riding in the UK.

  • Fred Lowry

    I think it’s great news, a prologue and two road stages and I’ve only got to drag the caravan 100 miles down the road, unlike the 300 to Surrey for the Olympics, or last year, almost 900 to Luz Ardiden

  • Graeme

    I have to say I`m amazed that Yorkshire won it,in fact I laughed to myself when I first heard of Yorkshire`s bid and thought they would have no chance in comparison to Edinburgh or Florence.
    It`s a bit like being invited out to some posh ‘do’ at Claridge`s only to find out you`re booked in at Harry Ramsden`s for tea! Lol..
    Anyway congrats to the Tykes for their tenacity and I`m sure they`ll make a damn fine job of it.
    As a proud Lancastrian I`m now eating humble pie!


    Yes well done Yorkshire, what about Lancashire where Wiggo lives? It does not matter where it starts is good to be in the UK.

  • Norris Lockley

    I’m a Yorkshireman born and bred and still living and cycling in the Dales, but this decision just doesn’t do anything for me..apart from annoy me.

    It’s the Tour de FRANCE..not de l’Europe..and it should be in France where I saw it for the first time in 1952 and almost every year since.

    If Le Grand Depart had to be anywhere outside France this year, it should have been in Italy in memory of Gino Bartali who won it twice once before and once after the WWII.

    However if the Tour has to have three days in the UK let’s hope there’s no easy days for Cavendish…just a boring petulant rider..but let’s hope on the other hand that the race can pass through Bradley’s home town in Lancashire as it wends its way south.

  • roginoz

    Air baa gwm…grairt intit…you lwcky lot !!!!! Mairks me want to sing that old song On Ilkleh Mooor Bah Tooer!! Big congrats to those who got this. I ll even get my Oz equivalent of Mr Sheen and burnish my tv ….as Victor would say….I dont be-lieve it!!

  • Roy

    Great news for Yorkshire, already got the days off booked!

  • Richard G

    blow that for a game of cards, send ’em up winnats !

  • cycling dave

    remember to make the stages as flat as possible so cav can win

  • stuart stanton

    People in Leeds City Centre- where it has been emptying down all day – are just jumping at this wonderful coup. Full marks to the Tourism/Business group who carried it off. Laughed my head off (ref Barry Davies) to see Mr. Cookson on SkyNews just now biting a bazooka sized bullet and straining to look enthusiastic. He is definitely not invited to the Irish Club on my guest list.

  • Jonathan

    Excellent news, it does not matter where it starts. North/South whatever, the worlds greatest race is coming back to the UK for everyone who wouldn’t normally see it in the flesh, for all to experience. Well done to everyone who helped get it back. Superb effort and I for one cannot wait to see it back.

  • Pete Barton

    I think this is great news! I’ll definitely be out on the roads to watch.
    Saw the tour in GB in 1994 and 2007 and the atmosphere was great. I reckon we’ll get lots of dutch fans coming over and adding to a great event!

    Can’t wait!

  • Mick W

    “God`s County to host Le Tour”,……….my life is complete !

  • stuart stanton

    Right past my house (2km Leeds City Centre)!!!, perhaps my hero Sammy Sanchez will stay over the night before, the Irish Club is just down the road as well all welcome, Croeso o Leeds!

  • Frank Green

    So JD Leeds doesnt do it for you so you going to watch the London-canterbury stage? Have you ever been to Leeds? What a silly snooty attitude. If the terrain choosen is right we could have couple of “classic” type stages unlike a boring flat kent stage! Its about time the regions had a slice of iconic sporting events instead of everything revolving around the south east.

  • barry davies

    British Cycling president Brian Cookson said: “Like every other cycling fan, I am thrilled the world’s biggest bike race is coming back to this country.

    Shame you set up a differant plan and did not back the Yorkshire bid !!!!

    Bet you will try and get money from it though ???

  • Terry

    Will all the bidons be filled with Theakstons Old Peculiar for the first stage ?? The start is back in the UK which is great news.

  • Woody

    A grand depart in Leeds? Absolutely ****ing brilliant!

  • gg/gg

    You must be from south of Watford. Leeds is a wanderful city full of sociable people

  • Pelican Cycles – Chesterfield

    Absolutely fabulous news!
    Congratulations to all involved with the bid.
    Absolutely no doubt that the people of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and all of GB will support this in massive numbers.
    The profile of the sport will continue on an upward curve – let’s continue to get Britain cycling!

  • JD

    A grand depart in…..Leeds?!

    Just doesn’t do it for me as a neutral. Already clearing my diary to attend the third stage in London.