Spectator films team cars taking a wrong turn during the Tour of Britain, and mayhem ensues as they try to turn back

A roadside spectator filmed the chaotic result of team cars taking a wrong turn during stage six of the Tour of Britain on Saturday.

As the peloton passed through the roundabout in Norwich in the right direction, a cavalcade of team cars then come to the junction and head straight on instead of turning left.

A Tinkoff-Saxo car is the first to take the wrong turn with others following, including several dropped riders mixed up in the cars.

Tour of Britain team cars go the wrong way

Tour of Britain team cars go the wrong way in Norwich

As drivers realise their mistake, instead of carrying on around the roundabout several decide to do a U-turn or reverse back – straight into the path of oncoming traffic. Some of the cars subsequently travel up the wrong side of the carriageway and over the central reservation.

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Cue beeping of horns and spectators shouting “you’re going the wrong way!”.

The few riders caught up in the mishap quickly realise the mistake and find the correct route, it’s easier for a bike to turn around than a large, fully-laden estate car.

“This video was taken by my partner on Halfords roundabout in Norwich. It’s so funny on so many levels!” said YouTube user Lorna Jermyn who posted the clip online.

  • RobTM

    I’ve driven the cars for a race!!
    You only saw video from 1 angle, yet people jump to conclusions putting whole blame on race organisation, yet we ALL know people miss/ignore signage every day.
    I explained why the team car had made a long gap in the convoy, I know it’s normal. Certainly the ToB junction near me was superbly marhsalled, signposted and policed. If you leave a big gap.. it’s a good idea, to watch carefully the route taken ahead, as it is Saxo-Tinkoff made things worse for their rider, not better.

  • David Bassett

    So were are you coming from. There should have been a marshal. We do not enjoy closed roads in the UK. So on the day he bunch was forty mins down should the driver and the rest of the race known which way to go. By the way I think that there will have been some team managers cars with mechanics in the back of the car. Not all teams had two cars on the race. One of the Pro tour teams only had one, I cant remember which one. A bit difficult to be at the Tour of Spain and GB at the same time.
    The organisers are always on the look out for volunteers and BC do courses to train marshals how to do it. Even though it is meant to be professional spot, it relies on volunteers. Please try it, I know people who started with the old Merseyside division that came to help and now enjoy full time employment in the sport they were only to happy to help in for the love of it.
    And onyour point about the the Tinkoff Saxo team car, made a gap, to aid their rider get back to the peleton, and just happened to take a wrong turn in heat of the moment?”
    Most chief commencers will turn a blind eye to helping a rider back if it was due to a mechanical problem.
    Please come along and get involved and see how it al works. You will enjoy it.

  • RobTM

    Yeah.. team cars only have drivers in them.. don’t have mechanics to jump out and help with wheel/bike changes.. at World/Pro Conti/Conti level. it’s all down to the driver.
    The point you miss, is Mike blames “tour organisation”, yet the team car dropped back to help their rider get on, and failed to follow the route of over vehicles.

  • David Bassett

    I do hope that is not a tounge in cheek comment but genuine.
    I am sure there are loads of ways to upload a rout to say a Garmin, and loads of ways of doing that with the likes of Memory Map. I do doubt you could do it with your in car sat nav.
    But I have worked on races when we have had to take “the race” on a different course due to unforseen events.

  • Rob King

    If only there was some sort of device that you could pre-program a route into and it could tell you when to turn….. 😉

  • David Bassett

    Thats good all we get is people critising Moto riders and cars getting in the way and now they are expected to read the rout book whilst driving.
    Because I doubt there are many out there could remember every turn from the start to the finish.

  • David Bassett

    That is correct we do not enjoy closed roads in this country(or not verry often) Just shows what a brill job the NEG do.

  • Chris Stoddart

    Exactly the same thing happened this year on the Millstone climb out of Hathersage on stage 6. The peloton was split and a load of ‘civilians’ got on to the road in the middle, including 3 fully laden minibuses (one with a trailer) of school kids. The minibuses then tried and failed to turn off on to a closed side-road and promptly blocked the race route. Oh how the police motorcyclists shouted 🙂

  • @lukegraysonvelo

    This is bonkers, am cackling at my desk.

  • It looks to me like each car is following the one in front, but then there’s a gap with no team cars – then a member of the public drives past *out* of the turn, and the next team car coming in must’ve just spotted it and assumed it was in the race convoy and followed it.

    When I saw the ToB last year near Brighton I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the main peloton pass by, then a few minutes later half a dozen “civilian” cars, then seconds later another dozen or so riders who’d been dropped, mixed in with what were almost certainly members of the public driving on the route. Astonishing that they can’t close the roads off completely while the race passes.

    EDIT: it starts at 0:50 in the video above – a random car comes in and passes and then the Tinkoff car follows it.

  • RobTM

    Wasn’t it because the Tinkoff Saxo team car, made a gap, to aid their rider get back to the peleton, and just happened to take a wrong turn in heat of the moment?
    Presumably the route book, was pretty clear which road to take.

  • David Bassett

    That was meant to have been a reply to Mike Prytherch. I hope you enjoyed a brill TOB

  • David Bassett

    He who has not made a mistake has not been borne yet. Good to see Roger Hammond quick to react.

  • Mike Prytherch

    The roundabout was blocked so it was a u-turn or wait, this tour does seem to of had organisation issues which is very sad